Gang Steal Total of Rs 2 Crore in Jewellery After Posing As Police

In Delhi, gang members have posed as cops and have stolen jewellery worth up to Rs 2 crores. The crimes have taken place since 3rd January 2017.

ang Steal Total of Rs 2 Crore in Jewellery After Posing As Police

The gang has managed to commit roughly eight thefts so far.

A gang has spent the past two months posing as policemen to con jewellers in Delhi out of their jewellery. The first reported incident took place on 3rd January 2017.

The jewellery and other valuables stolen were worth Rs 2 Crores (£244,306).

Gang members supposedly stopped employees of jewellery stores in Karol Bagh, Delhi. They would claim they were acting under the demonetisation drive. They would then ask the employees to show them their original bills.

One person would examine the bills. Two others would then examine the valuables. All three would then make off with the valuables, leaving on their motorbikes.

The police investigation seems to suggest that the thefts took place on Bank Street. Bank Street is famous for its various jewellery shops.

Using this method, the gang has managed to commit roughly eight thefts so far. With the first incident taking place on 3rd January 2017, the crimes have continued into February and March.

A senior police officer added:

“Two of them started to check his bag while the other questioned him. Within minutes, the accused fled the spot on their bike along with jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh [approx £61,000]. The man filed an FIR and a case was registered.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mandeep Singh Randhawa, has claimed that they have identified the gang. He said:

“After registering FIRs in all the cases, we have identified the gang and will arrest them soon.”

Yet several sources have come forward to reveal that this is not the case. Indeed, it appears that the police are still working tirelessly to discover the gang’s identity.

As one source said: “Recently, we found CCTV footage from one of the crime spots, but only their motorbike could be seen.”

Police investigators are using all the resources available to them. This includes looking through CCTV footage and tracking mobile signals through mobile towers.

However, they found that the gang didn’t use mobile phones in the area.

The investigation remains ongoing. But the police remain determined to find the culprits.

Vivek is a sociology graduate, with a passion for history, cricket and politics. A music lover, he likes rock and roll with a guilty liking for Bollywood soundtracks. His motto is “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” from Rocky.

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