Indian Man to be Caned and Jailed for Woman’s Murder

Indian-origin Gunasegaran Ramasamy will be caned and jailed for murdering a woman 16 years ago. He confessed to the crime in November 2013.

Indian Man to be Caned and Jailed for Woman's Murder

Ramasamy stabbed her repeatedly until she collapsed onto him.

A judge has sentenced Indian man Gunasegaran Ramasamy to be caned and jailed. This comes after his confession of murdering a woman after attempting to rob her. The event occurred 16 years ago, on 2nd October 2001.

Ramasamy received a maximum sentence of 10 years for his crimes. He will get 12 strokes of the cane.

However, Ramasamy’s sentence has been backtracked to 18th November 2013, when he confessed to killing the woman, identified as Soh San.

The district court heard of the events that took place on 2nd October 2001, when Soh San died.

Ramasamy’s sister had allegedly asked him to get some food. Instead, he decided to rob someone. He took a 26-cm knife from the kitchen and walked out.

The Indian-origin man reportedly spent time looking for a victim. Eventually, he found Soh near his block. He demanded that she give him money. She refused. Ramasamy stabbed her repeatedly until she collapsed onto him.

Ramasamy fled the scene. Police found her body riddled with stab wounds. But, the murder remained unsolved for over 10 years.

Meanwhile, Ramasamy would spend the next ten years in and out of prison. This would be for a variety of crimes. On 17th November 2013, he walked into the police station and confessed.

Police found methamphetamine in urine samples he submitted after his arrest. Autopsy reports also showed San was stabbed nine times. She reportedly died from wounds to her chest and abdomen.

In the trial, the murderer pleaded guilty to one count of causing hurt while committing robbery. He also pleaded guilty to one count of consuming methamphetamine. Thus, he will be caned and jailed.

Ramasamy’s defence lawyer, Ng Shi Yang, claimed his client became “plagued by his conscience” and the crime was a “robbery gone awry”. Therefore, he finally decided to confess his terrible crimes.

Yang also pointed out that if his client had not made the confession, the murder would continue as “a cold case”.

Ramasamy reportedly feels guilty and remorseful. He hopes that his confession can provide some closure to San’s family.

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