Indian Man attempts Suicide on Facebook Live Stream

In a shocking incident, an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh tried to take his own life during a live stream on Facebook.

Indian Man attempts Suicide on Facebook Live Stream f


“The local SHO swiftly reached the spot and rescued the youth"

An Indian man shockingly attempted to take his own life during a Facebook live stream.

Fortunately, Facebook and the Ghaziabad police acted swiftly to prevent the tragedy.

The man was identified as Abhay Shukla, a 23-year-old man from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, after experiencing severe financial difficulties, Abhay decided that he was going to take his own life.

He wanted to broadcast it on Facebook Live.

However, because of the heroic efforts of SHO Anita Chauhan, his life was saved just 15 minutes after the live stream began.

Abhay Shukla, who had recently lost Rs. 90,000 (£900) and was considering the drastic measure, was saved following the efforts by Ghaziabad police station officer, Anita Chauhan.

In a tweet from Uttar Pradesh Police, they announced the alert from Facebook which saved a man’s life.

“In safer hands-On receiving a late night alert from @facebook, about a person attempt to commit suicide, the social media centre of PHQ, sent his details to @ghaziabadpolice.

“The local SHO swiftly reached the spot and rescued the youth & counselled him along with family members.”

SHO Chauhan had received a notification about the Facebook live stream suicide attempt from Meta’s US headquarters through DCP Nipun Aggarwal.

Within an hour, officers prevented the suicide from happening.

Ten minutes after receiving the notification, SHO Chauhan arrived at the street where Abhay lived but she was unable to locate his house number.

The Indian man eventually answered the phone after several unsuccessful attempts to reach him, but he wouldn’t provide SHO Chauhan with his residence number.

Abhay disclosed that he had taken money from his mother, which she had set aside for his sister’s wedding, and had vowed to repay double the amount if his firm was successful.

However, his business failed and he lost the money.

Since he had lost the money Abhay believed that he had no other choice but to take his own life.

SHO Chauhan was quick to react and kept her composure as she called Abhay.

She spoke to him with kindness and compassion while attempting to determine his residence number to diffuse the situation.

Upon discovering his house number, SHO Chauhan and her colleagues forced their way into the property and saved Abhay.

Following the incident, Abhay was taken to the Ghaziabad Police Station, where the authorities spoke with him about his mental health and the worries he faced.

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