Indian Husbands seek Separation due to “Dissatisfied Sex”

Indian husbands are increasingly finding themselves frustrated in their relationships. Now they seek a separation from their partners.

Indian Husbands seek Separation due to "Dissatisfied Sex"

"Some of them even demand unnatural sex, for which is spurned by wives."

A new report claims that an increasing number of Indian husbands want to separate from their wives. Supposedly, they feel unhappy with their sex lives.

They claim that their wives do not meet their sexual desires and expectations.

The report, revealed in Times of India, found that in these marriages, the men had higher sex drives and even demanded “unnatural sex” from their partners.

But as their wives couldn’t match with their sexual appetites, the Indian husbands became increasingly unhappy. They felt that their desires remained unfulfilled and so they sought to end their marriages.

Recent statistics provided by the report show that roughly 16 cases of divorce per month have resulted from Indian husbands unhappy with their sex lives.

Rejected by their partners, an increasing number of women now go to Mahila Thana, Bhopal for advice. Mohib Ahmed, a woman’s counsellor said:

“A total of 190 cases in which men have sought separation have been received in last one year, and all of them have the same reason.

“I receive at least 10 cases every month in which a man expects his wife to satisfy his sexual desires. Some of them even demand unnatural sex, for which is spurned by wives.”

Therefore, Mohib Ahmed advised couples:

“Sexual relationship is important as it is a social need in a married couple but men should not take it to the extreme level.”

The counsellor suggested that some men fail to understand that women’s bodies can become weak after a particular age. She also added that women will avoid encounters and instead blame the menstrual cycle or religious festivals.

A fellow counsellor, Renuka Metha also revealed her experience with this growing problem. She highlighted the issue stretching to new marriages, adding: “Number of such cases are increasing due to the lack of patience in the newly-married men.

“Every year, I receive around 40 cases in which women are not interested in making physical relationship with their husbands due to which husbands have applied for divorce.”

In an interesting twist, counsellor Rita Tuli observed that women had complained about their husbands. They revealed that they did not feel sexually satisfied as well. This suggests that the issue doesn’t act as a one-way street.

She said:

“Many a time, women also complained that their husbands are unable to satisfy them, however it is rare, as in most of the time it is men who come here with such complaints.”

Evidently, Indian marriages have a concerning issue. Both men and women suffer from the same problem; a lack of communication.

This shows that men and women need to engage in discussion on improving their sex lives.

Perhaps then the need for separation may reduce in India.

Vivek is a sociology graduate, with a passion for history, cricket and politics. A music lover, he likes rock and roll with a guilty liking for Bollywood soundtracks. His motto is “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” from Rocky.

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