Indian Bride married 4 Husbands to make Lakhs in Money

An Indian bride from the state of Punjab carried out a scam where she married four men and subsequently made lakhs in money.

Indian Bride married 4 Husbands to make Lakhs in Money f

She blackmailed her husbands into handing over money

An Indian bride made several lakhs in rupees after marrying four times. The matter took place in the state of Punjab.

Her scams came to light after her fourth husband filed a police complaint.

The victim, Jagdeep Singh, of Nabha, married Manpreet Kaur in 2018. However, after fifteen days of marriage, the two began arguing and this led to Kaur returning to her maternal home.

She also filed a harassment complaint against Jagdeep which was later withdrawn when he paid her Rs. 1 Lakh (£1,080) as a compromise.

The matter made Jagdeep suspicious as he found it strange that Manpreet ended their marriage after fifteen days over arguments.

He was also conscious of the fact that she immediately took back her complaint after he paid her.

This prompted Jagdeep to look into it. He discovered that Manpreet was married three times before and had changed her name each time.

She blackmailed her husbands into handing over money and has made several lakhs in rupees.

After realising that his wife had conned him and three other men, he filed a police complaint in January 2020.

Jagdeep explained to officers that he married Manpreet after divorcing his first wife, with whom he had a son.

Manpreet’s parents had told him that their daughter was also a divorcee.

Prior to their marriage, Kaur assured Jagdeep that she would care for his son like her own.

Both of them got married in the presence of relatives. However, just fifteen days later, the marriage began to go downhill.

The Indian bride began arguing with her husband, claiming that she could not live in a rural area. She eventually returned to her maternal home.

She then accused her husband of harassment but retracted her statement when Jagdeep gave her some money.

Jagdeep revealed that Kaur filed complaints against her three previous husbands before taking them back when they paid her.

At the time of the marriage, Kaur’s family told Jagdeep that she had a child from her first marriage. It was discovered that she actually had two children.

Jagdeep said he sold some of his land in order to pay Manpreet. When speaking to locals, he found out that Kaur previously got married in the city of Sirhind-Fatehgarh.

She also conned the family and they sold their land to give her Rs. 3.5 Lakh (£3,800).

After taking his statement, a case of robbery was registered against Manpreet, her brother Kala Singh, mother Baljit Kaur and father Bir Singh.

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