Indian Mother in Live-In Relationship kills Newborn Boy

An Indian mother from Chhattisgarh was in a live-in relationship when she gave birth to a boy. She later killed her newborn son.

Indian Mother in Live-In Relationship kills Newborn Girl f

Monika remained unhappy and refused to feed the baby.

An Indian mother has been arrested for killing her newborn son. The incident happened in Chhattisgarh.

It was revealed that she was in a live-in relationship with her lover in the village of Bhedimuda. Just five days after giving birth, she smothered the child and dumped the body in a pond.

She initially claimed that her child was abducted but when she was questioned by police, she confessed to the crime.

A man named Khemraj got into a relationship with 20-year-old Monika Bhagat at the beginning of 2019 and they eventually moved in together.

Their relationship eventually led to Monika becoming pregnant and on January 6, 2020, she gave birth to a son.

However, it was revealed that Monika was not happy when she found out she was pregnant. While Khemraj’s family were happy, she wanted an abortion.

Khemraj did not allow her to have an abortion and Monika ended up giving birth.

While there were celebrations, Monika remained unhappy and refused to feed the baby. This led to Khemraj’s sister-in-law feeding the child.

When Khemraj found out about his lover’s neglect for their child, he expressed his displeasure.

On the night of January 11, 2020, at around 7 pm, Monika began screaming, claiming that someone had abducted her child.

Villagers and Khemraj heard her cries and conducted a search for the newborn baby. They also informed the police.

Police officers searched for the baby but were unsuccessful. Officers later found out that Monika and Khemraj were in a live-in relationship.

Khemraj had told the police that Monika repeatedly called for an abortion after getting pregnant, which led to the Indian mother being questioned.

Khemraj also explained that he lived with Monika in Bhedimuda but she kept pressuring him to return to Raigad.

During questioning, Monika confessed to killing her son by smothering him and dumping the body in a pond.

Monika revealed that she did not want to have a child and neglected her son from birth.

Monika went on to say that during her pregnancy, she had several arguments with her boyfriend on the matter.

This angered her and it led to her coming up with a plan to kill the child. Monika laid the newborn in her lap and pressed his face with a blanket, killing him.

After her son’s death, she dumped the body in a pond approximately 40 metres away from the house.

Monika then decided to claim that the child was kidnapped in order to draw attention away from her.

Following her confession, Monika was arrested.

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