Indian Family marries Daughter restricted by Coronavirus

An Indian family from Madhya Pradesh got their daughter married. However, the wedding ceremony was restricted by the Coronavirus.

Indian Family marries Daughter restricted by Coronavirus f

"This ceremony, I wanted to do and I have done so"

An Indian family from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, had a restricted wedding for their daughter due to Coronavirus and the nationwide lockdown.

The wedding took place on Monday, March 30, 2020. Despite the lockdown, the family went ahead with the wedding but took extra precautions.

In front of both sets of families, the bride and groom took part in the traditional procession.

It was reported that Akshay Jain had arranged for his daughter Kinjal to get married to a Mumbai-based man named Apeel Ora.

Akshay said that he made a pledge 17 years ago to get his daughter married.

Prior to the lockdown, 40 trust officials were set to attend the wedding, however, due to potential health risks, they did not attend.

Even though they did not attend, the Indian family let the wedding go ahead, although it was a simpler ceremony.

The wedding took place in the presence of both families. Safety precautions were also taken in order to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

Everyone at the wedding wore masks and cleaned their hands with sanitiser.

Akshay explained his thought process behind the wedding:

“This ceremony, I wanted to do and I have done so of my daughter.

“I had agreed 17 years that I will give the hand of my daughter in this way.

“Today, we had originally planned for this day to be a grand ceremony and wedding.

“However, due to Coronavirus and the lockdown within our country, we have restricted it.”

“We wanted to invite and thank many dignitaries and leaders but we have not.

“Instead, eight people within our family have conducted this ceremony and we have joined our daughter’s hand in matrimony.

“It is something we were meant to do and have done so.”

Weddings in India are continuing despite the lockdown.

In the village of Gangwa, Haryana, a couple got married while socially isolating.

On Friday, March 27, 2020, the groom, Pawan had the baraat procession with just five people. They travelled in separate cars to the wedding.

When the wedding was arranged, approximately 500 relatives and friends had been invited but due to the Coronavirus and India’s subsequent lockdown, they had no choice but to reduce the number of guests.

They decided to have a simple wedding instead.

During the wedding ceremony, he and the bride wore masks. Guests were instructed to use hand sanitiser upon entering the venue.

Following the wedding, the small number of guests abided by the social isolation rules by congratulating the newly-married couple from a distance of two metres.

The married couple told their guests to follow the lockdown rules.

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