House of iKons Los Angeles set to impress

Lady K is ready to set Los Angeles alight with her hugely successful House of iKons fashion show. Having already caused a media buzz in London and Dubai, the Los Angeles show will take place on February 14, 2015.

House of IKons

The highly anticipated Los Angeles show will be held on Saturday 14th February, 2015.

With shows in London, Dubai and now Los Angeles, the House of iKons brand has welcomed new and young designers and propelled them onto a global stage.

Created and built by successful businesswoman, Lady K, the House of iKons encourages innovative designs and incredible creative talent.

Lady K aka Savita Kaye (CEO, Founder, Owner), has set up three companies under Lady K Enterprises. They include Lady K Media, Lady K Event Management and House of iKons.

The new addition fashion house, ‘House of iKons’, was rebranded after the successful London Fashion Week (LFW) production in September 2013 by the Lady K team.

Lady KHaving caused international media buzz and stir, now local and international designers will be exhibiting under the House of iKons banner in some of the most fashion-savvy cities of the world.

The ethos behind the ‘House of iKons’ is simple. To bring the World of Fashion under one roof for any designer from around the world to exhibit and be given a platform to showcase their incredible talents to the media, press, buyers, and clients.

Lady K CEO is breaking all boundaries worldwide. She says:

“I want the House of iKons to change and define the world of fashion; these are my uncut diamonds and I want them to shine bright and high and for the world to see.”

Following London Fashion Week, Lady K celebrated her first international show in the United Arab Emirates. The ‘House of iKons Fashion Week: The Launch’ took place in beautiful Dubai on November 14 and 15, 2014 at Raffles Hotel.

House of iKons

Showline Media assisted with arrangements, while Fashion One TV (Global media partner) was there to film the Dubai event as they did the London event.

Now the highly anticipated Los Angeles show will be held on Saturday 14th February, 2015, with their partner ‘For the Stars’ whose clients range from J Lo, Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Britney and many more A Listers.

The LA schedule will see some seasoned designers who have grown alongside the House of iKons but also some new faces and stunning never before seen collections for the runway.

The schedule of designers include:

  • SCHON by Sakshee Pradhan
  • INNU London
  • Werner
  • Fashionsistas
  • Illustrella
  • Boy Penda
  • Astrid Soll: Dirndl Couture by Angermaier
  • YEN

Schon by Sakshee Pradhan

Schon House of IkonsSchon, pronounced as ‘she-own’, is a German word that literally means ‘beautiful’.

Sakshee Pradhan is an Indian based designer, and her womenswear label Schon, encapsulates feminine beauty through its unique style and silhouettes.

The label targets fashion for the modern, globetrotting woman of today that marries style with practicality.

Innu London

House of iKons Innu Innu is a British designer who opened LFW September 2014. Showcasing for the first time in Dubai 2014, Innu’s beautiful collection flowed on the runway with delicate colours and prints.

The handmade clothing ranging from day to evening wear is made for the woman who wants to feel like a Greek goddess.


House of iKons WernerWerner is originally from Germany, and is a world renowned sculpture artist.

His first collection for men and women is made purely out of leather, pressed and shaped to create stunning outfits.

Werner’s collection sees each piece hand designed and stitched using leather so soft, that one would have to look twice – not just at the designs but the exquisite material itself.


Fashionistas From London Fashion Week to Dubai, this designer is rocking the fashion world with her unique designs and hip trends of one-off pieces.

Using embroidery and embellishments, Fashionsistas offer stunning evening pieces.

Her delicately crafted customised pieces ooze femininity and are sure to turn heads.


Illustrella Illustrella is a local based designer made up of three sisters.

They offer a unique collection with a hint of Parisian and Italian twist.

For Dubai 2014, this collection was beautifully put together, with a never seen before 3D collection, taking inspiration from illustrations.

Boy Penda

Boy Penda Originally from France, Boy Penda is a London based designer who has been under the Lady K Production wing for two years in a row.

He offers chic and sophisticated pieces to celebrate the female figure.

His collections range from casual everyday wear to high glam and couture.

Astrid Soll: Dirndl Couture by Angermaier

Angermaier Angermaier designs a beautiful costume collection for men and women.

It combines an old style of attire with a modern twist, and could potentially set a new trend worldwide.

Originally designed for royalty, these pieces can be worn for the everyday man or woman.


YenYEN is Hollywood’s up and coming UAE designer, and has been showcasing at every grand finale for Lady K.

This designer wows guests with his beautiful handmade collections. You can find intricate detailing and luxurious materials in each piece of couture, making YEN’s collection a true showstopper.

DESIblitz are proud media partners of the House of iKons, and are huge supporters of Lady K’s vision as she takes her House of iKons productions around the world.

House of iKons will also be in LA, Tokyo, Philippines, Singapore as well as London in 2015. This fashion house is truly going global and the CEO aims for the House of iKons to be in every major city in the world.

Lady K (Savita Kaye) has even given her commitment that the ‘House of iKons Fashion Week’ will be the 5th largest fashion week in the next three years.

With such dedication to her craft, we are certain that under Savita’s careful watch, the House of iKons will continue to grow from strength to strength. House of iKons Los Angeles will take place on February 14, 2015.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy of Bhong Sangalang and RodSky Fotografie

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