Los Angeles a City of Expectations

Los Angeles will have you expecting so much, but whether it impresses you or leaves you feeling rather disappointed, it is still undoubtedly of one the most popular and busiest cities in California.

Walk of Fame

"A visit to Los Angeles is not complete without experiencing its famous nightlife."

Los Angeles, California (better known as LA) is a city of glamour, excitement and extravagance.

The city of angels is definitely one of contradiction – you either love it or hate it. You could find yourself celebrity spotting in one of the nicest parts of town, then walk a few blocks down and you could find yourself in a dump.

Nevertheless, LA is a city where you will not be bored – whether you’re looking to spend your timing lounging on the beach, shopping, partying or exploring LA’s culture – this city has it all.

It changes for no one. So if you’re up for exploring this heart-breaking city DESIblitz has your guide to Los Angeles: the city of expectations.

Things To Do

Hollywood BoulevardThe first thing you do when you get to LA is take a trip down to the most famous street in the world, Hollywood Boulevard. Walk up the Hollywood Walk of Fame and go hunting for your favourite stars.

While taking a stroll down the street, you’ll find yourself at a large mall with a great view of the Hollywood sign and right next to the mall is the famous Chinese theatre. Feast your eyes on the handprints and footprints of the greatest in show business.

While walking down Hollywood Boulevard you will most likely be hounded by a variety of different tour companies, offering tours to celebrity homes with the chance of seeing your favourite entertainer along the drive.

But if looking at Hollywood stars homes isn’t for you, these tours may still entice you with their trips through iconic locations such as Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive.

Venice Beach

Once you have had your dose of Hollywood, take a nice relaxing journey to Venice Beach and laze around on the beach for the day or head out to the amusement park for some roller-coaster extravaganza.

You’d could also head over to the market or take a two minute walk from the beach and have a shop around a great assortment of shops some of which will include a British shops if you’re missing home.

If you’re still looking for relaxation take a trip down to Griffith Park and lounge around or stroll through the park. But if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie Griffith park is the route to take to hike up to the Hollywood sign and see one of the most iconic signs in the world.

Another interesting location to head to is Downtown Los Angeles, although somewhat a ghost town it does have is own cultural significance. Walk around and find some amazing street art.  Also take a trip to the birthplace of Broadway and visit some of the abandoned theatres, and Universal Studios is worth a visit too.


Nightlife LAA visit to Los Angeles is not complete without experiencing its famous nightlife.

A trip down to the Sunset Boulevard and you will be able to go to some of the most famous bars and clubs that Los Angeles has to offer. Some of these clubs will have the rich and famous partying with you.

Hollywood Boulevard and West Hollywood will also offer famous entertainment and niche bars that will keep you entertained up until the bars close.

The one downside to LA nightlife is that they all close at two o’clock in the morning, so you’d probably want to make some friends and hit a house party – you will definitely have a story to tell then.


USA HostelsWhen it comes to backpacking, LA doesn’t have much to offer. Hostels generally will cost something between $30-$50 (£18-£30). So if travelling on a budget then accommodation can take its toll.

If staying at hotels, rooms start from around $65 (£39) a night and these prices will greatly increase depending on the hotel and the area that you decide to stay in.

Generally speaking Los Angeles is exactly what you expect it to be it will be expensive and glamorous when in Beverly Hills or when walking down rodeo drive. But it can be tacky and gaudy when walking down Hollywood Boulevard.  You can easily walk into one of the more dangerous areas of LA if you’re just going for a stroll.

LA is going to be what you make of it, the things you do and the people you meet along the way. Your expectations of it before you head there will probably play a big role to your overall experience of LA – this is exactly why Los Angeles is the city of expectations.

Irandeep is a law student. He enjoys debating on politics, culture, civil rights and various other topics. Other interests include music, film and travel. His motto, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

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