Go Goa Gone ~ Review

Go Goa Gone is a fun zombie caper starring Saif Ali Khan. Our Bollywood film reviewer, Faisal Saif provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.

Not too long ago, we witnessed a serious horror flick of the zombie genre called Rise Of The Zombie, which was met with a not-so-appreciative response from Indian movie goers. This week again we see a film which is made on the backdrop of zombies. This time however, it’s a fun filled comic caper.

Go Goa Gone is an entertaining zombie film directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. It stars a blond-haired Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Puja Gupta, and Anand Tiwari.

The story is about three friends who make a trip to Goa where a fun holiday turns into their worst nightmare.

go goa gone

Hardik (played by Kunal Khemu) is bored of his routine job and the pressures of life. His other friend, Luv (played by Vir Das), is also frustrated by life especially when he receives news that his girlfriend is about to settle down with someone else.

The two friends yearn for a way out from the mundane day to day when they discover that their other friend Bunny (played by Anand Tiwari) is about to leave for Goa.

Hardik and Luv decide to join Bunny for this extraordinary ‘business’ trip to Goa. The trip however, soon turns out to be a total nightmare for the trio especially after receiving invitations from Luna (played by Puja Gupta) to an underground rave party.

Go Goa Gone is another film which is made on the backdrop of zombies, but this time, it's a fun filled comic caper.
The film has good performances by all the lead actors including Kunal Khemu, Saif Ali Khan, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari.
Director duo Raj and D.K churns out an entertaining film, but it still has its flaws.
The camera work, editing and production value of the film is good and gives you an international feel.
The songs have already been a chart-buster especially 'Khoon Choos Le'.
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Go Goa Gone is a funny, whacky entertainer targeted towards the younger crowd. Review Scores by Faisal Saif

The exclusive rave party is organised by none other than our very own Russian-cum-Desi Mafioso Boris (played by Saif Ali Khan). Yes! The same Boris who Keels Dead Peepal.

All hell breaks loose when everyone is suddenly attacked by zombies or dead peepal (according to Boris).

Performance wise, Kunal Khemu rocks the whole show. With his charm and outstanding punch-lines, Kunal is just hilarious. Please watch carefully when Kunal explains, or attempts to explain, to his two friends about zombies, globalisation, love fundas, plans etc.

Vir Das and Anand Tiwari are both simply superb and mind blowing at the same time. I will not reveal the screen secrets of our own Desi-Russian Mafioso Saif Ali Khan as that might ruin your viewing.

But one thing is definitely guaranteed, whenever you see Saif Ali Khan on the screen, you might end up breaking your seat from laughing. Puja Gupta has minimal screen space on the screen but she looks hot. The film belongs mostly to the boys.

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K have churned out a decent and enjoyable flick on the zombie genre which they also insist on calling a zom-com. There are flaws in the film along with a slightly dragging second hour, but the entertainment factor will make you forgive and forget quickly.

The bottom line is, it really is not easy for a film-maker to make an audience digest a genre which they are not familiar with. But Raj and D.K have made a film which makes you aware of the zombie genre and entertains you at the same time, and here lies their victory.

The film’s music, composed by Sachin-Jigar, is already a chart-buster full of entertaining and light-hearted dance pop tracks. Especially the songs ‘Slowly Slowly’, ‘Baba Ki Booty’, and ‘Khoon Choos Le’, which is presently the youth favourite.

The production value of the film is fantastic. Despite a Goa city-based script, the film gives you an international look. This is thanks to the amazing camera work, which is handled very well. Editing-wise the film could have used a bit more trimming in the second hour.

The film has been made while keeping the youth culture in mind. And for this reason, it will definitely attract the youth. Go Goa Gone is funny, whacky, and a whole roller-coaster ride of craziness.

Faisal Saif is our Bollywood film reviewer and Journalist from B-Town. He has huge passion for everything Bollywood and adores its magic on and off screen. His motto is to "Stand unique and tell Bollywood Stories in a Different Way."