Are Face Nails becoming the Strange New Beauty Trend?

2017’s beauty trends have slowly become strange and unusual, but have you heard of face nails? Will they become the next look to follow? Let’s explore.

Are Face Nails becoming the Strange New Beauty Trend?

"Many people told me I should delete those [sic] my photos before becoming a new trend."

Have you ever thought of stepping up your selfie game? Or taking your love of Bollywood to a new level? Then face nails may just be the new beauty trend for you!

On social media, an image of this strange way to fashion nails has sparked a massive reaction. It comes as the latest trend to shock many, following the likes of squiggly and braided eyebrows.

Illusion artist Dain Yoon shared pictures of herself with the face nails on Twitter. Each nail donned a small image of a girl’s face, each depicting different facial expressions. They also contained long hair, to complete the unique look.

She captioned the images with: “Many people told me I should delete those [sic] my photos before becoming a new trend.” Indeed, they do look very similar to finger puppets. Or a new way to showcase your selfies.

But will they become the next unusual beauty trend?

It seems, judging by Twitter’s reaction, you may have to wait a while before you see others also wearing face nails. While many described the look as creative, it didn’t tempt them to try it out. One user named Madison said:

“As an artistic design this is really unique but as a trend.. pls no [sic].”

Face Nails ~ Practical for Everyday Life?

This will be a question on everyone’s lips. Will face nails actually hinder people from completing typical tasks? First, let’s think about eating dinner. For Desi people who love to have roti, chapati or even daal, face nails could prove a nuisance. Especially if you want to eat with your hands.

This unusual beauty trend could mean eating dinner proves a messier task than normal. It could also have the potential of damaging the face nails themselves if food stains can’t be removed.

We haven’t even touched upon the choice of adding hair. Never mind the hassle of just one hair in your dish. This trend could mean loads of hair going in and out of your food. Not exactly a hygienic or ideal way to enjoy dinner.

Are Face Nails becoming the Strange New Beauty Trend?

In addition, these face nails could hinder any kind of task that involves your fingers. Have to use a keyboard and mouse regularly for work? One can imagine that you’ll find yourself making more errors in typing with these new additions.

Imagine also trying to pick up small items such as coins or even a pen with face nails. An action which usually takes one second may end up involving several attempts. Perhaps this trend involves more complications in the long run?

Famous Faces on your Nails?

In reaction to Dain Soon’s creation, some Twitter users photoshopped their own versions and added in various celebrity faces. Perhaps this idea could even spread to Bollywood fans, where they don images of their famous actors or actresses on their nails.

Imagine wearing the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt on your nails. A novel way to show off your support and you would certainly catch the eyes of everyone.

Are Face Nails becoming the Strange New Beauty Trend?

However, time will tell if this unusual idea will catch on. With many practicalities to consider, perhaps some will feel turned off by the trend. However, these potential setbacks may not deter others who are keen to embrace 2017’s intriguing beauty trends.

Perhaps if one removes the hair element away from face nails, they could work out well. If you ever wanted to catch a glimpse of your favourite Bollywood star, you’d need only look at your nails.

With such interesting trends bursting onto the beauty scene, we can’t wait to see more unusual inventions.

Although we’re not quite sure how anyone could beat the quirkiness of face nails!

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Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of Dain Yoon Twitter.

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