Asian Bullying Videos becoming a Shocking Trend

The Internet is seeing a rising trend in bullying videos, with Asian children and teenagers partaking or being victims themselves. DESIblitz reports.

Asian Bullying Videos becoming a Shocking Trend

nearly 43% of kids have been bullied

There has been a shocking rise in the number of bullying videos going viral on the Internet.

Many victims and perpetrators in these videos are actually British Asian school children and teenagers.

A quick online search can uncover numerous videos of teenagers being horrifically bullied.

From being beaten up and humiliated, to then having to relive the moment as the video of their torment is uploaded online.

The video below shows an Asian boy being attacked in a bullying hate crime. The gang from Edinburgh, isolate the boy and kick him to the ground, where they continue to kick and punch him.

Throughout the entire video, which was originally entitled as ‘smash the p***’, you can hear the gang continue to laugh at the helpless boy whilst he is being beaten.

**Warning – Video contains distressing content**


There have been many other videos, of young girls getting physically bullied, as well as racist provoked attacks.

The up rise of internet bullying – also known as cyberbullying – has caused concern. According to statistics nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online and 1 in 4 of these kids have had it happen more than once.

More worryingly, 74% of those who have been bullied, have at some point been physically attacked. Technology has allowed bullying to be recorded which allows serious cases to be taken to the police. However, 45% of bullying cases do not go reported.

Reasons for bullying is usually to do with appearance, identity and different religious or racial backgrounds.

The video below, however, shows a group of Asians attacking other Asians, indicating that anyone can be behind bullying.

The video starts with one of the gang members demanding the victim to tell them his name.

After stealing his phone, they then shout:

“What’s your f*****g name bruv, you aren’t getting your phone back bruv.”

The video continues to show the defenceless boy being aggressively punched whilst being accused of lying about his name.

A girl in the back can be heard saying: “Stop it, leave the boy alone!”

But as one of the boys puts the camera in close to the boy’s face, a stream of blood can be seen coming from above his eye.

**Warning – Video contains distressing content**

The violence in the videos is disturbing and tends to contain one victim being bullied or assaulted by a group of others. Victims are usually left helpless after being beaten and bullied.

The following video shows the extreme nature of the typical violence depicted, where two Asian boys completely knock the victim down to the floor with a hard vindictive punch and then another slaps him.

**Warning – Video contains distressing and violent content**


The bittersweet nature of the Internet allows these bullies to be caught and visible to anyone who clicks play on the video.

Unfortunately, those who were victims of the bullying can remain affected by the torment and trauma for as long as a lifetime.

If you are or know anyone who is affected by bullying, please visit Anti-Bullying Campaign for help.

Jaya is an English graduate who is fascinated with human psychology and the mind. She enjoys reading, sketching, YouTubing cute animal videos and visiting the theatre. Her motto: "If a bird poops on you, don’t be sad; be glad cows can’t fly."

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