Dangal wins ‘Best Asian Film’ at AACTA Awards 2017

The success story of Dangal continues! It won ‘Best Asian Film’ at the AACTA Awards, with Shabana Azmi and Russell Crowe both praising the film.

Dangal still image

Encouraging his fans to watch it, Russell Crowe deemed it as "beautiful & empowering".

Dangal lands another achievement overseas as it wins ‘Best Asian Film’ at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards! The seventh annual event took place on 6th December 2017.

The ceremony’s Grand Jury President Russell Crowe announced the win on the stage, a moment he described as an “honour”.

Lead actor Aamir Khan, unfortunately, didn’t attend the event. However, actress Sakshi Talwar, who starred as Mahavir Singh Phogat’s wife, received the award on his behalf

In addition, both Russell Crowe and Shabana Azmi, who acts as a jury member of the panel, celebrated the film’s latest success.

On Twitter, Shabana gave her congratulations to the team behind the sports biopic.

Posing with Russel in an image, she explained how the entire jury quickly decided that Dangal deserved the prestigious award:

Even the Hollywood actor himself gave praise to the Aamir Khan-starrer film. Encouraging his fans to watch it, he deemed it as “beautiful & empowering”.

One would arguably find it refreshing to see a global star give the spotlight to an Indian film. Especially one so deserving as the biopic.

Throughout the night, the AACTA Awards greatly celebrated Indian and British Asian talent.

Lion found remarkable success by winning a jaw-dropping 12 awards! These include ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Direction’. Sunny Parwar and Dev Patel also took home ‘Best Lead Actor’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor’ respectively.

Producer Angie Fielder accepted the film’s awards and commented on the current issue of sexual harassment. As Lion is a Weinstein-distributed film, she said:

“It would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the incredible bravery of the women and men who have come forward to break the silence about sexual harassment and assault in our industry.

“Hopefully this marks a time of change and it’s really encouraging to see the industry taking a stand … Let’s keep talking about it. That’s how we make real change.”

Meanwhile, Shabana also revealed to fans that Russell would be happy to come to India. Explaining that if given a work opportunity, the Hollywood actor would visit India. She even gave a not-so-subtle hint of this to Anupama Chopra, saying:

This latest victory for the Aamir Khan film adds to its reign as one of the most popular Bollywood flicks internationally. Back in June 2017, it had surpassed the Rs 2,000 crore mark; the first Indian film to accomplish such a feat.

With its success story still continuing, Dangal is an excellent representative of the Hindi film industry. Showing that it can achieve worldwide achievements.

Find out all of the winners at the AACTA Awards 2017 here.

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