Colombian Woman disappoints Netizens after Trying Jalebi

A Colombian woman posted a video of herself trying jalebi for the first time. However, her reaction disappointed netizens.

Colombian Woman disappoints Netizens after Trying Jalebi f

"Why is it so slimy?"

A Colombian woman left social media users disappointed after she tried jalebi for the first time.

The woman, named Colleen Gowda, is a photographer with nearly 12,000 Instagram followers and frequently posts pictures of her trips with her husband Hanuman Gowda.

She decided to do something different by posting her reaction to trying jalebi for the first time.

In the video, Colleen is seen dressed up in a green saree, complete with a dramatic bindi.

It appears as though she is at an event as people are heard talking in the background and a gazebo is seen.

After she is given the piece of jalebi by her husband, Colleen appears hesitant to try the popular Indian sweet.

She then takes a bite of the jalebi.

Colleen initially does not say anything but her reaction indicates that she does not like it before briefly laughing.

She then asks her husband: “Why is it so slimy?”

Her husband seems shocked by her reaction and is heard muttering:

“She says it is slimy.”

The Colombian woman then takes another bite before admitting she is not a fan of the sweet treat, saying:

“Ugh, oh no, no.”

Aware that the response from her followers might be negative, the caption read:

“Don’t cancel her, at least she’s trying.”


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The video received over 3.5 million views, but viewers were disappointed that Colleen was not a fan of jalebi and took to the comments section to vent their frustration.

One stunned fan wrote: “Did she just say no!”

Another said: “No. No. No she rejected it.”

One annoyed netizen commented:

“It should not be slimy… don’t be cheap… buy from a good place!!! If she doesn’t like it… her taste buds are broken.”

Some joked that this was a major issue in her relationship.

One person told her husband: “She gotta go bro.”

Another said: “Red flag.”

A third commented:

“How can you not like jalebi? Instant divorce.”

But some understood why Colleen did not like jalebi, with a few pointing out their own reasons for not liking the snack.

One said: “It’s too much sugar.”

Another person wrote: “Fair enough.”

One comment read: “Will take some time to adjust to the taste.”

A user said: “Finally someone agrees with me!!!”

One person suggested that Colleen should try gulab jamun next.

There were some users who were not interested in her reaction, instead, they were complimenting how good she looked in the saree.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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