Nora Fatehi disappoints Fans in Bangladesh

Nora Fatehi made her much-anticipated appearance in Bangladesh with a performance. But fans were left disappointed.

Nora Fatehi disappoints Fans in Bangladesh f

"I got none of the respect I deserve."

Nora Fatehi performed in Bangladesh but some fans felt it was lacklustre.

There had been many obstacles which prevented Nora from visiting the country. But she was eventually given permission.

Israt Jahan Maria, President of Women Leadership Corporation, previously said:

“Many attempts were taken to bring Nora Fatehi here.

“Finally, it is happening. There are no more complications with her visit to Bangladesh.”

She arrived in Dhaka on November 19, 2022, to perform at the Global Achievers Awards show, titled Women Empowerment in Bangladesh.

During the show, Nora said: “I always encourage and wholeheartedly believe in the advancement of women.

“Just believe in yourself and walk your path. Thank you for inviting me, I want to come to Bangladesh again.”

However, some fans were not happy with her performance, with some saying it should not be called a performance.

It was reported that fans had to pay TK 15,000 (£120) on VIP tickets while standard tickets cost TK 5,000 (£40).

According to some fans, Nora’s performance lasted seconds.

Others claimed it was actually the backing dancers who performed while Nora stood and blew kisses to the crowd.

Nora Fatehi disappoints Fans in Bangladesh

One person who paid for a VIP ticket said:

“As a VIP customer, I got none of the respect I deserve. We were shown no respect.

“Nora just came and danced like she was on Tiktok for 15 seconds.

“After two or four words, she left with the prize.

“She looked very tired. It seemed as if she had been brought here against her will. We only saw a glimpse of her. We didn’t see anything else.”

Another said:

“It seemed like she was brought only to show her presence, not her performance.”

“Nora’s dance practice video was uploaded to the page of the Women Leadership Corporation and asked ‘Are You Excited To See This Video?’

“Next was the Global Achievers Award banner.

“Moreover, the audience was drawn by showing multiple clips of Nora dancing. It is clearly cheating the audience.”

At the end of the event Rifat Jahan, a spectator, said:

“There were about five hundred people in the audience. The VIP audience was almost silent after Nora barely danced.”

“Most of the tickets were gifted. But those who came to see the tickets were disappointed. Cheered for Nora all for nothing.”

Tanim is studying MA in Communication, Culture, and Digital Media. Her favorite quote is " Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it."

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