Christian Louboutin launches #NudesForAll shoes

Popular luxury label Christian Louboutin has launched a new range of nude shoes that cater to every skin tone. The collection is to celebrate the diversity of women from different races and ethnicities.

Christian Louboutin #NudesForAll

“Nude is not a colour, it’s a concept.”

Designer Christian Louboutin has introduced seven new nude tones to its famous red-soled shoe collection, to cater to women ‘of all races and ethnicities’.

This much-needed ‘step’ in the right direction will see the high-end brand cater to a wider range of women with darker skin tones.

Currently nude-coloured shoes are limited to the universally accommodating shade of Caucasian skin. However, this new collection will see shades ranging from medium to dark skin tones.

As well as adding new shades to the collection, the luxury French designer has also introduced two new styles – the peep-toe stiletto, ‘Deepik’ and the classic pump, ‘Dorissima’.

Christian Louboutin Nude Collection

The 51-year-old designer is widely known and appreciated for his fashion forward thinking. His trademark red soles have been an undeniable success in the fashion world, with the likes of practically every A list celebrity enjoying his shoes.

Louboutin was even one of the first few designer brands to launch a ‘skin-coloured’ collection in 2013. Now these new shades are just a further example of his innovative creativity.

The celebrated trend maker says: ”Whether I’m more trendy or less trendy [than before]. I don’t question myself.

“I’m excited about my work, and that keeps me going. It’s important that people like what I’m doing, but I don’t necessarily want to evaluate my work through other people’s eyes.”

With the colour palette ranging from fair to chestnut, the shades allow everyone to enjoy the fashion trick of wearing a ‘nude’ heel to lengthen the leg and look more aesthetically pleasing, as well as be more inviting to women from all differing backgrounds.

Christian Louboutin Nude Collection

For a very long time, Desi women and black women have struggled to find beauty and fashion products that match their skin tone. From nude nail polish, ‘nude’ underwear to even finding a ‘nude’ shoe.

But now it seems Louboutin has heard the prayers of keen shoeaholics and ventured into a new and innovative idea of creating heels which are of numerous skin shades allowing all women to be able to wear a ‘nude’ shoe which is indeed ‘nude’ for their skin tone.

It is a genius idea. One which rejects universal standards of beauty, and breaks the mould of one size fits all or, in this case, one shade fits all. As Louboutin reiterates: “Nude is not a colour, it’s a concept.”

This campaign definitely gets ‘leggy’ in its promotional posters, and plays on the concept that beauty and femininity comes in all colours.

The Louboutin ‘Nude’ collection will officially launch its new shades in August 2015. To celebrate such a distinct moment in history and fashion, the hashtag #NudesForAll has been trending on social media, with many women welcoming the reveal.

Now women can finally buy and enjoy the perfect nude heel for their skin tone.

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Images courtesy of Christian Louboutin