Three British Asian Gang Members ordered to Pay Back £13M

Three members of a British Asian gang, including the brother of criminal Mohammed Suleman Khan, have been ordered to pay back £13M after taking part in mortgage fraud.

Arshid Khan, Mohammed Mughal and Shokut Zuman

"This represents one of the team’s best ever confiscation result and the conclusion of almost seven years hard work."

Three British Asian gang members have been ordered to repay £13 million or they will spend more time in jail. Out of these 3 men, 1 is the brother of fraud criminal Mohammed Suleman Khan (MSK).

A court hearing issued the order to 47-year-old Arshid Khan, 67-year-old Mohammed Mogul and MSK’s brother 43-year-old Shokut Zuman.

While a judge sentenced them in August 2015, an investigation by Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) specialists now hopes to reclaim the money back from their crime.

All three men were part of a gang convicted of conspiracy to defraud after a mortgage fraud scam. The group also involved MSK’s second brother Shahalam Khan and Shokut’s wife Samaiah Hanna.

Arshid Khan has been ordered to pay back a total of £8,010,881 within 3 months. If he fails, his jail sentence will extend to an additional 10 years. Meanwhile, Shokut Zuman has to repay £4,058,852 with the same timeframe or he will spend 9 more years in jail.

Lastly, Mohammed Mogul needs to pay back £1,385,775 within 3 months. Or he will face 7 years added to his jail term.

The order for repayment took place on 4th January 2018, located at Birmingham Crown Court. Head of RART, Detective Inspector Johanthan Jones explained:

“The trio were ordered to pay back more than £13 million. This represents one of the team’s best ever confiscation result and the conclusion of almost seven years hard work.”

The Detective Inspector also added that the properties involved in the fraud look set to go on sale. He said:

“Whilst a significant element of this represents hidden assets, we still expect to enforce the sale of a large number of properties restrained in the UK and raise around £4.5 million.

“Additionally, lengthy sentences were imposed to Khan, Zuman and Mughal which will further persuade them to pay up any hidden assets. This has been a hard-fought Operation which has ended with a spectacular result.”

Between 2003-10, the gang had set up and built a valuable portfolio of properties across Birmingham. They would make false declarations and use fake financial documents to gain mortgages, which normally would have been refused.

In total, they obtained mortgages for 21 properties in the areas of Bourneville, Selly Oak and Moseley. The gang would make renovations on the properties and rent them out to students. They would receive massive amounts of money through their fraud.

A judge gave the group jail or suspended terms. Shahalam received a 5-year sentence after he also became convicted of benefit fraud. Shokut was given 4 and a half years in jail, while Samiah had a 2-year suspended sentence.

Arshid received a 5-year term, with the judge also giving Mohammed Mogul 4 and a half years in jail.

Back in 2014, Mohammed Suleman Khan was imprisoned for tax evasion, ordered to repay a total of £2.2 million or his jail sentence would be extended. Nicknamed as ‘The General’, he led a lavish life and planned to build a ‘Pakistani Palace’.

He eventually failed to repay the money and had his term stretched to an additional 10 years.

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Images courtesy of Birmingham Mail.

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