Indian Groom slaps Bride during Wedding

In a shocking video, an Indian groom angrily slapped his bride during the Varmala ceremony in front of guests.

Indian Groom slaps Bride during Wedding f

"There is no shortage of mad people in this world."

A video has gone viral of an Indian groom slapping his bride during the Varmala ceremony.

It is not known where the wedding took place but the incident shocked guests.

In the video, the bride and groom are seen standing on the stage in front of guests, looking unhappy and reluctant to look at each other.

The groom looks unhappy to be there while his new wife facing down.

As the groom attempts to feed her a mithai, she refuses to accept it, turning her head away.

The visibly annoyed groom then throws the mithai at her, hitting her in the face.

Out of frustration, the bride takes a mithai and throws it at the groom.

The groom’s annoyance quickly turns to anger as he proceeds to slap the woman twice, forcing her off the stage.

Guests were shocked by the groom’s reaction, with screams heard in the video.

One guest tries to calm the situation down, however, many of the guests stood and watched.

The video was shared on Facebook and it has received more than 2.5 million views.

Social media users took to the comments to give their opinion on the matter.

Some people found the incident funny. But many condemned the groom for his violent behaviour.

One person said: “The groom should be beaten.”

Another said: “Learn to respect your daughter, otherwise you will be lost.”

A third wrote: “This boy is mad, idiot.”

A fourth commented: “There is no shortage of mad people in this world.”

One person criticised the man as well as the social media users who laughed at the video, writing:

“This is so bad. It looks funny but see the audacity of this ‘MAN’ raising hand on the lady EVEN in front of her family.

“This is what male supremacy is. This is sick! And laughing at it is sicker.”

Many people believed that the couple had an arranged marriage against their wishes, stating that their marriage would not last long.

In a previous wedding incident, an Indian groom hit a photographer for getting too close to his wife, leaving the bride in fits of laughter.

A video showed the bride and groom standing on stage and getting their pictures taken by the photographer.

But just a few seconds into the video, the photographer eases the groom out of the frame and begins taking photographs of just the bride.

Meanwhile, the groom is seen patiently waiting at the side.

The photographer continues taking pictures and moves closer towards the bride. He then holds her chin up as he takes close-ups.

As close-ups continue, the groom’s apparent jealousy takes over and he smacks the photographer across the back.

While the Indian groom seemed angry, the bride falls to the floor, laughing at the unexpected incident.

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