Indian Bride slaps Groom for chewing ‘Gutkha’ at Wedding

In an amusing incident, a groom is seen chewing ‘gutkha’ at his wedding ceremony, earning himself a slap from his Indian bride.

Indian Bride slaps Groom for chewing 'Guktha' at Wedding f

“Rightly served. Bravo my child!"

An Indian bride slapped her groom for chewing ‘gutkha’ (tobacco) at their wedding in front of their guests.

The amusing incident was caught on video, and the footage has since gone viral.

The incident occurred during their nuptials when the bride noticed that her husband-to-be was chewing ‘gutkha’.

In anger, the bride began to slap her groom and ordered him to spit the ‘gutkha’ out.

No one intervened to help control the situation between the bride and groom. Instead, the wedding guests watched on unphased.

With no other option, the groom spat out the ‘gutkha’ and the ceremony continued.

The video of the incident, posted on Instagram by Niranjan Mahapatra, has gone viral.

Many users took to the video to express their amusement and opinions.

Some users sided with the Indian bride, believing that she had the right to tell her husband off.

One user said: “Good job sister.”

Another wrote: “Rightly served. Bravo my child! Protest is welcomed.”

However, others did not believe that the groom deserved such a reaction from his wife-to-be.

One user commented:

“If she neither aware nor like his habit, is this the way to convey?!”

“If the same thing done by boy, then the caption change in media.

“May God save him and his family.”

Other users also did not believe the altercation between the bride and groom was even real, and that it was staged in order for their wedding to get attention.

One person commented: “Created it’s not original.”

Another said: “It’s not original, drama shoot for awareness.”

A third wrote: “I think this was some kind of shoot.”

Clearly, brides will do anything to ensure that their special day goes without a hitch.

Just recently, an Indian bride refused to enter her own wedding venue because the entry song she chose was not played.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, the bride is about to enter the venue before she suddenly stops after noticing her chosen song is not playing.

She is noticeably upset, and angrily states that she mentioned the bridal entry song to the wedding planner prior to the ceremony.

Despite her family’s attempts to console her, the bride remains distraught.

The video, posted to Instagram by The Wedding Brigade, attracted a wealth of responses.

Some users sympathised with the bride, saying that if she made a request for her big day it should be carried out.

However, others believed that she should accept that not getting everything you want is a part of life.

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Images courtesy of Naranjan Mahapatra

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