Botched Fire Stunt on India’s Got Talent leaves Judges Screaming

In an upcoming episode of India’s Got Talent, a contestant’s fire stunt seemingly goes horribly wrong, leaving the judges screaming.

Botched Fire Stunt on India's Got Talent leaves Judges Screaming f

"the house will be set on fire."

The judges of India’s Got Talent were left screaming in horror after one contestant’s fire stunt seemingly went wrong.

The ninth season of the talent show premiered on January 15, 2022.

A promo clip of an upcoming episode was shared on Instagram.

It showed judge Badshah running to press the buzzer to stop the performance after a contestant gets trapped in a blazing house.

The episode sees contestant Pritam Nath being chained up by crew members.

He is then locked inside a straw house that is then set on fire.

As part of the stunt, he must escape the chains and get out before the house burns down.

Talking about the stunt, Pritam says:

“I will lock myself up and then the house will be set on fire.

“I have to come out of the house before it burns down.”

But when the stunt begins, it appears as though it is too much for Pritam who is heard panicking and telling his assistant to hurry.

Meanwhile, a look of concern appears on Shilpa Shetty, who puts her hands on her face.

The camera inside the building then cuts off, prompting a scream from Shilpa and Badshah to say:

“I can’t see anything on the TV.”

Inside the blazing property, Pritam can be heard saying: “Bachao bachao (Save me).”

As the fire continues to worsen, Badshah leaves his seat. He runs to push the buzzer to stop the stunt.

Pritam can be heard coughing, resulting in another scream from Shilpa.

One person calls for water to put out the fire while another in the background calls for the fire brigade to be informed.

The video ends with Badshah looking shocked at the fire while firefighters work to put out the blaze.

The video clip prompted a mixed response from social media users.

Some people enjoyed the danger that the stunt possessed.

However, others did not believe the stunt was suitable for the show.

The user said: “What kind of talent is this?”

Despite the fire and panic, some people were not convinced, believing the fire was for entertainment purposes, something reality TV shows have faced backlash for in recent times.

One person wrote:

“Best comedy show for television rating points.”

Another said: “Badshah is a good actor.”

India’s Got Talent first aired in 2009.

Over time, the show has seen the likes of Karan Johar, Farah Khan and Sajid Khan judge the show.

Currently, Shilpa Shetty, Kirron Kher, Badshah and Manoj Muntashir are the judges.

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