Kailash Kher slams Badshah over ‘Fake Followers’ Scandal

In an interview, Kailash Kher threw a jibe at rapper Badshah over his ‘fake followers’ scandal when speaking about money for a good cause.

Kailash Kher throws 'Fake Followers' Jibe at Badshah f

"On one hand, people have money to buy fake popularity"

Singer Kailash Kher slammed rapper Badshah for reportedly spending Rs. 72 Lakh (£73,000) to buy 75 million fake views on social media for his song, ‘Paagal’.

Badshah drew huge criticism after reports emerged that he purchased fake views for his 2019 song.

He was summoned by the Mumbai Crime Branch for interrogation on August 6, 2020. According to police sources, the rapper confessed.

However, Badshah’s team released a statement, denying the allegations.

His official statement read: “Following the summons, I have spoken to the Mumbai Police. I have aided the officials in their investigation by cooperating and carrying out the due diligence on my part.

“I’ve categorically denied all the allegations levelled against me and made it clear that I was never involved in such practices, nor do I condone them.

“The investigation procedure is being executed in accordance with the law and I have complete faith in the authorities, who are handling this matter.

“I’d like to thank all those who have conveyed their concern to me. It means a lot to me.”

In an interview, Kailash Kher threw a jibe at Badshah over the matter, saying that a true artiste would use the money for a good cause like educating underprivileged children.

He explained: “We are living in a society where such disparity exists.

“On one hand, people have money to buy fake popularity while on the other hand there are children on the road, without food and education.

“Any artiste with real knowledge would have used the popularity, money and celebrity status for betterment of society.

“The 72 lakh rupees could have been used for the education of underprivileged children.

“I, too, get suggestions from the so-called business-minded people to market myself and engage in paid PR. For me, when I go to live shows and I see how people sing along with me, is bigger than anything else.

“We all know how a section of musicians is constantly selling music with ugly, double meaning lyrics and videos.

“They are popular among the youth. Unfortunately, they are influencing the youth in the wrong direction.”

The singer recently recorded a new version of ‘Vande Mataram’. Kailash revealed that he recorded the song with a hundred musicians.

He said: “It is our way to contribute to the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Until a few years ago, speaking in Hindi was considered ‘un-cool’ for the youth of the nation, because we were losing the vision of India.

“Now that we have a great visionary, we artistes gathered and recreated ‘Vande Mataram’, composed by Aashish Rego.

“Hopefully, we will bring our youth back to the roots, back in the right direction.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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