Bambi Bains talks ‘Retro Rarri’ & Female Empowerment

British Asian singer, Bambi Bains speaks exclusively to DESIblitz about her single, ‘Retro Rarri’ and female empowerment.

Bambi Bains talks 'Retro Rarri' and Female Empowerment f

"I feel strongly about making this statement."

British Asian songstress, Bambi Bains is back again with her latest single, ‘Retro Rarri’ (2020) which promises to be the perfect girl-power anthem of 2020. 

The song combines a bi-lingual mix fusing a unique Urban Desi sound with elements of Bhangra, Hip Hop and Trap.

Produced by Shaye, Bambi Bains’ new experimental sound is an ode to female empowerment and independence.

Promoting sisterhood, the unapologetic track is an anthem for all the girls across the globe.

Speaking about the concept behind ‘Retro Rarri’, Bambai Bains said:

“Retro Rarri puts women and girls firmly in the driver’s seat.

“I wanted to make a big song, an anthem, but keep the essence of female empowerment to share strength and confidence with South Asian women and encourage them to take control.

“It feels great to be back making and releasing music which I’m really passionate about and I’m excited to share more tracks from this project in the coming months.”

DESIblitz exclusively spoke to Bambi Bains about her single, ‘Retro Rarri’, female empowerment and more.

Bambi Bains talks 'Retro Rarri' and Female Empowerment - bambi

How did you and Shaye come to collaborate and musically fuse?

Shaye was introduced to me as one of the best producers around and I always make time to build my network.

Coincidentally, my fiancé also grew up with Shaye’s sister so the connection was already there.

What was great was that from the first time we met, we clicked instantly. We were also born on the same date!

Having heard each other’s music production, it was clear we had a similar vision. For me, it’s all about the chemistry – we have so much fun creating music and always aim to be unique.

It’s really important to enjoy what you do and work with people you like.

What triggered this empowerment feeling in you for Retro Rarri?

Ever since I was a teenager, I have always felt strongly about empowering women.

I remember as a 17-year-old releasing Zaalma and even back then I wanted the focus to be on women.

Being in what is still a male-dominated industry, I feel strongly about making this statement.

There is a history of songs about men with power, inebriation, violence or girl chasing but there are few Asian songs portraying women with such strong presence or confidence and this just felt so right to me.

Bambi Bains talks 'Retro Rarri' and Female Empowerment - cover

Why use Ferrari’s to drive the theme of empowerment?

Retro Rarri was intended as a metaphor for the strong woman. Women are regularly perceived as passengers, with desirable cars being driven by men.

I wanted to put us, women, in the driver’s seat for a change.

On a personal level, I also love vintage cars! They’re so cool!

How do you think this single can empower women and girls?

I felt really empowered during the process of making this song because of its confidence and attitude.

It’s a very unapologetic track which I wanted to create for girls to sing as if it was their own.

I’ve received so many videos of girls playing Retro Rarri really loud in their cars and singing out loud with their girlfriends!

This is exactly what I had envisioned and I’m so happy it’s worked out the way I wanted it to.

Non-musically, it’s about flying the flag for women in a male-dominated world.

Making records which are different to what’s out there now and show ‘women’, particularly Asian women, that we can live out our dreams, whether it’s in a field that’s not deemed appropriate by traditional views or if it means going against the grain.

It’s the first time where a female artist in the Bhangra music industry has made a music video with an all-female presence and it was magical working with all of them.

Bambi Bains talks 'Retro Rarri' and Female Empowerment - production

What have been the challenges to produce/release Retro Rarri during Covid-19?

The challenges of producing/releasing Retro Rarri during Covid-19 were the lockdown restrictions.

It was challenging not seeing my team and Shaye as we all vibe off each other and this is lost in translation when speaking digitally.

Not having live performances is also a big issue for every performer because that’s what we love the most.

I am itching to get back on stage and perform all of my new songs but I guess we all have to wait! Bring on 2021!

‘Retro Rarri’ released on November 20, 2020, via Big Bounce Records. It has garnered more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

The powerful anthem is available on all leading digital music platforms. These include Spotify, Apple Music and Saavn.

Listen to Retro Rarri Here


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