Ankita Lokhande reveals how she resolves Conflicts with Vicky Jain

Ankita Lokhande spoke about the secrets of her happy marriage with Vicky Jain and also revealed how she resolves conflicts with him.

Ankita Lokhande reveals how she resolves Conflicts with Vicky Jain f

"It’s not always your thing, there has to be a balance."

Ankita Lokhande opened up about resolving conflicts in her marriage to Vicky Jain.

The actress ventured into the digital realm with her first short film The Last Coffee, which revolves around an estranged couple who meet for a final cup of coffee before finalising their divorce.

Ankita plays Iram Qureshi and on how she came to be in the short film, she said:

The Last Coffee has been produced by my very dear friend, Sakshi Seth.

“She just got into production. You can’t say no to your friends. I just told her ‘okay I will work with you’.

“Shoaib [Nikash Shah] came on board he wrote the script which I didn’t read even once because I believed in him. I liked the name (of the film). I am very fond of love stories. I was really excited to do it right after the narration.”

Ankita went on to discuss her complex character.

“I have never done a character like this before in a film. That was me, I got to play myself. It didn’t feel like I was in a character. I just wanted to do it.

“People have always loved me, and they will love me. Nothing to worry about at all.”

The film highlights conflict within a relationship and in her own marriage, Ankita Lokhande revealed how she resolves conflict.

She explained: “I think it’s very important to be patient in a relationship, any relationship for that matter.

“I have never been a girl who has the patience to understand people you know, I do whatever I want.

“But, with Vicky [Jain], he made me understand that it is important to understand your partner also. Also, understand what he/she is going through.

“It’s not always your thing, there has to be a balance.

“The most important tool for solving a conflict is communication. You need to hear the other person’s story, you cannot put it all on the other person.

“I have grown up and become mature in this relationship. I understand him more.

“After a point, you start understanding so much that there comes no conflicts.

“Disagreements are there but you know when something is wrong. You don’t argue or fight.

“There are miscommunications, many things cross our minds. But the key is communication with trust in each other.”

Ankita Lokhande has featured on TV, the big screen and on streaming platforms. On the different platforms, she said:

“It’s up to the person and I have never done it.

“After Pavitra Rishta people thought I won’t do television, I was working on Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

“One cannot forget their roots. Even now I am ready to work on television. I have no problem with that because where have I learned it from?

“If you give me 15 pages I can read and perform.

“How do you ask? Because of television.

“I don’t think some Bollywood actor can do that. It is difficult, and not for everyone. I have seen many Bollywood actors coming (to the sets) and not being able to say a line.

“Acting has no medium.

“I can never perform differently for films, TV or theatres, that’s me. I respect and love my television.

“Because of what I have is because of Pavitra Rishta. Also, ZEE Network has stood with me, from Pavitra Rishta, to Manikarnika and now The Last Coffee with ZEE5.”

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