Aly Goni teases Upcoming Marriage to Jasmin Bhasin

Aly Goni has hinted that he will marry Jasmin Bhasin soon. The pair have been together since meeting on Bigg Boss 14.

Aly Goni teases Upcoming Marriage to Jasmin Bhasin f

"we thought we will inform everyone digitally."

Aly Goni has implied that he will marry Jasmin Bhasin soon.

The pair have been together ever since they participated on Bigg Boss 14.

In an Instagram Story, Aly said that the “deal is sealed”.

He told his fans: “Finally, the deal is sealed, Jasmin and I have informed our parents and we are very happy.

“Only invitation cards are to be printed now but we thought we will inform everyone digitally. So, yeah.”

Jasmin reshared Aly’s post and in another video, she said:

“You guys watched Aly Goni’s video.

“So you know Aly and I are ready for this step. We are very excited, and so must be you guys.

“Now, wait till we announce the dates.”

Jasmin also shared pictures from the Maldives and had a message for Aly which read:

“Aly Goni, when I am with you, every day feels like an occasion.”

Aly first appeared on Bigg Boss 14. He and Jasmin grew closer and they made their relationship official on the show.

After the show, Jasmin flew with Aly to his home in Jammu and spent time with his family.

Aly and Jasmin often express their love for each other on social media.

During an episode of Ladies Vs Gentlemen, Jasmin explained that she is not the jealous kind and would feel “lucky” if others found her man desirable.

When asked how she would react if other women flirted with Aly, she said:

“I am okay with it. My man knows his limits. He won’t cross them so I am not jealous.”

After Bigg Boss 14, the couple appeared in a number of music videos together.

For some time, fans have wondered when they would get married.

When Jasmin was spotted with bangles on her wrists, fans wondered if they were already married.

In January 2022, Aly tried out an Instagram filter that predicted his wedding date.

The filter gave him ‘never’ on the first attempt, and he got ‘in a few days’ on the second attempt.

“Aly shared the video on Instagram Stories and wrote “soon”. He also added the song ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ in the background.

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