AI imagines Elon Musk as Indian Groom

A wedding photographer used the AI tool Midjourney to show what billionaire Elon Musk would look like as an Indian groom.

AI imagines Elon Musk as Desi Groom f

“When Elon Musk had an Indian wedding"

A wedding photographer has imagined what Elon Musk would look like as an Indian groom.

Artificial Intelligence has taken the internet by storm and AI-generated images have opened up a whole new world for creative people.

Many are reimagining celebrities in a different light and this was the case with Elon Musk.

An Australia-based wedding photographer who goes by the name of Rolling Canvas has used the app Midjourney to imagine what the billionaire would look like if he had an Indian wedding.

One image showed Elon dressed in a regal red and gold sherwani, complete with sunglasses.

The Twitter owner smiled and had his arms out, suggesting he was dancing. Meanwhile, AI-generated wedding guests are seen in the background dancing.

AI imagines Elon Musk as Desi Groom

Another image featured Elon in a more traditional ivory sherwani with intricate details.

The picture seemed to show Elon enjoying his baraat as he was sitting on a white horse.

Lots of guests were in the background, suggesting that Elon’s Indian wedding would be a lavish affair.

Other AI images imagined how Elon would look if he was getting ready for his Indian wedding.

Standing in front of a white backdrop, he is putting the final touches on his outfit, which is a white sherwani with floral details on the cuffs and in the centre.

AI imagines Elon Musk as Desi Groom 2

This is switched up with an extravagant blazer that appears to be for the wedding reception.

The caption read: “When Elon Musk had an Indian wedding – in my imagination.

“From the times when we used to paint our imagination on paper to now when we can convey our ideas to computers/AI and it brings them to reality.

“Fascinated to be alive at these times and be part of a possible transition.

“Not sure if it’s for good or bad, but it’s happening. The world is changing and it’s changing fast.”

The billionaire was also seen at the wedding venue, smiling in a white and gold sherwani while guests looked on.

The AI-generated images left social media users stunned by how real they looked.

One said:

“Good lord really thought this was real. Totally 100 on this post.”

Another wrote: “I can’t still believe this is AI generated!”

AI imagines Elon Musk as Desi Groom 3

Convinced that real pictures had been used, one person asked:

“Other people are looking more real. Have you merged AI with real photos?”

Rolling Canvas stated that the images were made entirely with AI, replying:

“Not at all, it’s all AI.”

Another commented on the future, writing:

“The future is crazy; you will not know what is real or fake.”

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