Indian Artist creates ‘Slumdog Billionaires’ using AI

An Indian artist has used AI to reimagine what some of the world’s billionaires would look like if they were living in poverty.

Indian Artist creates 'Slumdog Billionaires' using AI f

"Thank you all for the great response on the post"

An Indian artist has used artificial intelligence to generate images of what some of the world’s richest people would look like if they were poor.

Mysore-based artist Gokul Pillai generated portraits of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Muskesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as ‘slumdog billionaires’.

He used Midjourney to create the unique images and made some minor adjustments using Photoshop.

Inspired by Slumdog Millionaire, Gokul explained:

“It was very coincidental. The movie is set in the slums of India and I wanted to recreate something based on that.

“The word ‘millionaire’ in the movie title and juxtapositioning it with actual billionaires, that’s how it started.”

Indian Artist creates 'Slumdog Billionaires' using AI

In the images, Mukesh Ambani is seen wearing a dirty oversized T-shirt and blue trousers, standing in a slum that is littered with rubbish.

Microsoft co-founder and the fourth richest person in the world, Bill Gates, is bare-chested and wearing only a grey loincloth in front of a shanty.

The former US President Donald Trump is dressed in a washed-out oversized tank top, dirty shorts and his recognisable hair is outgrown and wild.

He appears gaunt, dishevelled and with a frown. Meanwhile, clothes are hanging on a line in the background.

Captioning the post “Slumdog Millionaires”, Gokul asked his followers:

“Did I miss to include anyone in the list?”

The pictures went viral and one viewer wrote:

“This is epic.”

Another commented: “Just amazing they look real… more like slumdog billionaires.”

Appreciative of the positive reception, the Indian artist commented:

“Thank you all for the great response on the post… I totally appreciate the support.. thank you!!”

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have become a billionaire at the age of 23 but he looks completely different in the image.

Wearing a dusty T-shirt and blue shorts, Zuckerberg looks aged in the image.

Gokul added:

“I knew it would be funny and few might find it hilarious too. But the response I received was unprecedented!”

“So happy.”

On which image was the most popular, Gokul said:

“Probably Bill Gates. It’s hard to say.”

Indian Artist creates 'Slumdog Billionaires' using AI 2

He added that according to the feedback he received, Mukesh Ambani “looked the poorest”.

Additional AI images include Elon Musk.

Standing in a shanty, the Tesla boss is dressed in a dirty grey T-shirt and dark trousers.

Meanwhile, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is seen in joggers and a vest, a stark contrast from his usual appearance.


Gokul also used AI to generate an image of Warren Buffet wearing a stained T-shirt and trousers that are being held up with a piece of lace.

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