Indian Artist creates Amazing Art on Dirty Cars

In a TikTok video, an Indian artist showcased his amazing art on a unique canvas – the windows of dirty cars.

Indian Artist creates Amazing Art on Dirty Cars f

"Talented cartoonist in the wild."

An Indian artist has gone viral for using dirty cars to create his art.

A TikTok video showcased the unnamed man using his finger to create drawings on the backs of cars that are caked in dirt.

In one instance, he creates a spiral line before drawing around it. The image soon becomes clear as it is a thumbs-up.

On the back of another dirty vehicle, the artist draws a series of circles.

He then adds more shapes and lines, revealing he has drawn a dog lying down.

The Indian artist showcases his skills by using two fingers to create two of the same picture.

He draws two faces, complete with a nose and moustache, at the same time. The man gives his drawings hair and eyes before completing them with hats and shirts.

His artistic skill is on full display as the simultaneous artworks are identical.

The video also shows the man using dirty cars to draw an elephant and a monkey.

He even uses four fingers to take the drawing of two men up a notch, creating four instead.

A teddy bear and birds sitting on a branch are some of the artist’s other artistic creations.

TikTok users praised the man’s cartoons, with one saying:

“Talented cartoonist in the wild.”

Another said: “You are amazing.”

A third wrote: “I could watch this all day.”

One comment read: “He makes it look so easy and normal to do that.”

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However, others were concerned about the state of the cars in the video.

One wondered: “What’s with all the dirt on cars out there.”

Another asked: “But why is everything that dirty?”

One user said:

“Gotta ask where is this that there are that many windows in that condition?”

This prompted another to state their belief that the artist is based in India, replying:

“I see an Indian Railways train engine, maybe in India.”

The Indian artist is not the only person to create art on dirty cars.

In 2020, a viral video showed a man using a paintbrush to draw a detailed portrait of a dog, using various shading techniques.

Commenting on it, a Reddit user said:

“This guy is clearly: An unbelievably amazing artist; and an inveterate enabler. Really, he’s only going to encourage this behaviour.

“If I had a dusty car and came back to find phenomenal artwork on my window you can be damn sure that car is never being washed again.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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