7 AI Songs by ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ you Need to Hear

Dive into these fascinating tracks by ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ and listen to how AI is using her timeless voice to breathe new life into her legacy.

7 AI Songs by 'Lata Mangeshkar' you Need to Hear

Listeners could hear Lata Mangeshkar's golden touch

Within the grandness of Indian music, one name resonates with timeless elegance and unparalleled grace – the legendary Lata Mangeshkar.

The ‘Nightingale of India’ and her ethereal voice not only defined an era but became an immortal muse for generations of music lovers.

Whilst her passing undoubtedly took a chunk out of the music industry, there is a new form of technology aiming to fill that void. 

Through AI, creators are coming up with ways to recreate Lata Mangeshkar’s iconic voice to make new music.

Of course, even through AI’s impressive power, Lata’s vocals cannot be imitated, these songs still manage to uplift listeners as if she were still here. 

We explore how her melodies find a new life through the magic of AI and celebrate the woman who continues to captivate fans worldwide. 

Aa Raat Bhar


‘Aa Raat Bhar’ is from the 2014 movie Heropanti and the track was composed by musical maestro Sajid-Wajid and Kausar Munir came up with the lyrics.

Here, ‘Lata Mangeshkar’s’  voice becomes the enchanting narrator of passion.

Through AI, listeners get to hear how evergreen her voice was and how she could easily capture the cinematic element of songs. 

The music becomes a journey, and ‘Lata’s’ vocals, like a soothing breeze, caress the listener’s soul.

Close your eyes, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a nocturnal dance of emotions.

‘Lata Mangeshkar’s’ rendition transforms the night into a canvas of love.

Every beat of the music becomes a heartbeat, echoing the sentiments of the characters on screen.

Nainowale Ne


With over 10,000 YouTube views, this AI rendition of ‘Nainowale Ne’ is a masterpiece.

The original song is from the 2018 film Padmaavat

The song is an ode to love, a musical canvas painted with the golden hues of Rani Padmavati’s emotions.

Therefore, the creators have magically used ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ to delicately command the vocals and capture Siddharth-Garima’s poetic lyrics.

‘Lata Mangeshkar’s’ rendition of ‘Nainowale Ne’ adds a layer of timeless grace, capturing the essence of an era where love was both fragile and enduring.

This AI song is a look into how technology and music can fuse but also the ability Lata had to transcend listeners to another world. 

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi


‘Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi’ from the 2005 movie Parineeta takes on a whole new dimension in this version by ‘Lata Mangeshkar’. 

With the original track composed by the talented Shantanu Moitra, the melody suits the intricacy and range of ‘Lata’s’ voice.

Each note resonates with your heartbeat, capturing the essence of happiness and endearment. 

As ‘Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi’ unfolds under ‘Lata Mangeshkar’s’ virtuosity, it transcends its cinematic origins.

The song, now more than a soundtrack, becomes an experience, a testimony to the enduring legacy of ‘Lataji’s’ artistry. 

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage


From the 2015 release Dum Laga Ke Haisha comes the huge anthem Moh Moh Ke Dhaage which was originally sung by Monali Thakur.

Whilst Thakur’s rendition was gorgeous, it takes on a new lease of life with this version and fans could have only hoped what Lata’s real voice would have done with this piece. 

However, they have a glimpse of ‘Lata’s’ signature angelic melodies and celestial harmonies. 

The creators did well with this AI song and ‘Lata’ adds a layer of nostalgia for a bygone era. 

‘Lata’s’ voice, like a gentle breeze, carries the listener through the alleys of love. 

Ore Priya


Step into a dreamlike realm where the mellifluous voice of ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ takes centre stage.

‘Ore Priya’, originally sung by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, has now been transformed via another music mogul.

Although fans will be disappointed that these types of covers didn’t happen in real life, it helps listeners recognise the type of impact both of these musicians had on this industry.

‘Ore Priya’ is a ballad of love and longing, and ‘Lata’s’ vocals capture that effortlessly. 

The mere atmosphere of hearing a glimpse of her harmonising is enough for fans to go wild. 

The song becomes a symphony of emotions and it takes on a new life under the ‘Lata Mangeshkar’s’ rendition.

Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja


Step into the hauntingly beautiful realm of ‘Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja’ from the 2004 movie Krishna Cottage.

Lata Mangeshkar, the melody queen herself, takes the reins of this emotional ballad, casting a spell that transcends time. 

In this cinematic symphony, ‘Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja’ is composed by Anu Malik and adorned with the soulful lyrics of Sameer.

The original track was beautifully done by the iconic Shreya Ghoshal

However, through the power of AI, it’s ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ who captures the eery, chilling, yet mesmerising essence of the song. 

This would have been nothing new to the Nightingale of India, as she had a catalogue of releases that dipped in this haunting genre of music.

So, one can only imagine how her real voice would have sounded on such a song. 

Ghode Pe Sawar


From the movie Qala comes the song ‘Ghode Pe Sawar’.

The original score was done beautifully by Sireesha Bhagavatula, Amit Trivedi, and Amitabh Bhattacharya.

But, imagine the year of release, 2022, where listeners could hear Lata Mangeshkar’s golden touch on another song.

This AI track gives us a taste of what she would have sounded like and captures the depth of her voice impressively.

The music, composed with modern sensibilities, takes on a new dimension under the ageless rendition of ‘Lata Mangeshkar’.

‘Lata’s’ voice, like a soothing whisper, illustrates resilience, freedom, and untamed spirit.

As you hear more of ‘Ghode Pe Sawar’, under ‘Lata’s’ virtuosity, the song becomes more than a soundtrack – it becomes an experience. 

As we delve into the magnitude of AI, it’s awe-inspiring to witness how Lata Mangeshkar’s melodies, crafted with soulful precision, transcend the boundaries of time.

Her legacy, imprinted on the very soul of Indian music, lives on not just through records but through the innovative avenues of technology.

Through the intricate algorithms and the harmonious symphony of AI, Lata’s voice finds new avenues to resonate with the hearts of music lovers.

The continued existence of her melodies in the realm of AI is a tribute and testament to the enduring nature of true artistry.

Even though her original songs cannot be beaten, these AI songs provide a small inclining of what could come in the future. 

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Videos courtesy of YouTube.

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