10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness

Do you think or do you believe that you are happy? We look at how you can achieve happiness believe you are and will hold on to this belief.

10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness f

don’t be scared or guilty to feel happy

Happiness is the state of mind which needs consistency to enjoy long term wellness.

It is important that you try and return to this state of mind even after experiencing any other dissimilar emotions. The ways of returning may surely differ for each individual.

To be happy you need to enable yourself to achieve the state of happiness.

Many things happen in life that obstruct that happiness and can affect the process.

For some happiness is momentary whilst for others, it is a state of mind that can exist despite what they do in life.

Many people feel that they don’t deserve happiness or were not destined to be happy.

The key thing is that happiness can come in many forms and its acceptance is down to you in order to achieve that desired state.

Happiness has to be nurtured and to attract happiness there are many things you can do.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you attract happiness:

Stop being ‘Victim of Victims’

Every human’s life experiences are different and their ways of handling and accepting it are different too.

In this trial, people may give up on making enough attempts to remain optimistic and cheer themselves up.

Thus, don’t be scared or guilty to feel happy even if people around you aren’t.

One may surely try to help cheer unhappy people; however, the beauty is in not to end up turning unhappy ourselves.

Self Discrimination

10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness - self

You would agree that the worst form of discrimination is to discriminate against your own self.

It is a common tendency seen among people that they subconsciously enjoy ‘self-pitying’ and thereby, make up their minds that they are the ‘odd man out’ in a happy group or team of people.

They build this strong belief that “Happiness isn’t meant for me.”

Make sure you aren’t one of those.

Self Bullying

Many times we bully none other but ourselves in public or in some situation and end up feeling low self-esteem, sad and unaccepted by people around us.

These are some of the hidden truths of Humans. It is better we check in the mirror of introspection before the image becomes a blur.

Emotional Masking

10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness - emotional masking

Do not waste your energy, talent or time by ‘faking happiness.’

Failure is the only result you will face at the end. Rather, avoid masking from your own self.

If in a particular situation you aren’t happy, simply accept it.

Deal with the causes of your unpleasant emotions. Clear your mind and then move to experience happiness.

You first need to neutralise your mind before pouring in positive thoughts.

Ego Pampering

Most of our stresses emerge from the problem of ego.

It makes sure we don’t apologise after realisations of mistakes, we don’t empathise with opponents in a conflict, we don’t de-stress and sow happy seeds in mind again.

So, how good is this ego then? Don’t allow yourself to pamper this ego anymore.

Especially when it comes to our family members, close mates or work colleagues.

Use your Mindset

10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness - mindeset

Come from the mindset that you are already happy.

Belief is what rules one’s life. Make sure you clear all your doubts about your happiness.

Tell and remind yourself that you too deserve to be happy and no human or situation can intervene in it.

Prepare a Checklist

Making a checklist of those common things that lead to your unhappiness.

Take a pen and paper or use a computer spreadsheet to prepare a checklist of things, people, situations and reasons that make unpleasant emotions to ruin you.

Once you gain this awareness and the clarity on them, your job to identify and deal gets easier.

Responsible Happiness

10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness - time for happy

Take responsibility for your happiness.

Everyone around and every life around is busy.

People may remember to make efforts to make you happy but may even forget to do so. Maybe even you are missing on doing so for them.

So do not wait in vain, rather, get up and go to the people/situation/places that give you happiness.

Take your own responsibility.

Also, do not postpone your happiness due to failure to become responsible.

Realisation is the Key

Take a break to realise you are happy and enjoy this state of mind.

Do not allow yourself or the situations around you to push you to the next emotion. Because it may or may not match the current one.

The realisation of happiness will help you understand the emotion and its state whenever you attain it.

Empower Others to be Happy

10 Tips on How to Attract and Achieve Happiness - responsible

The secret of continuing to stay happy is to empower others to become happy and help them realise pleasant things happening in their lives.

Thereby, landing them up in a better self-satisfaction and happiness.

This will have a very positive effect on you when you see others happy from your efforts, helping them engage in a happier state.

Every reality starts with a mental thought, followed by the belief.

Any of these tips are a start and the more you can do, the more you can do to help you realise happiness, to sow it into your lives. 

Shweta strongly believes in the power of writing. Deeply passionate about mushrooming Mental Health and Wellness. Says, “Celebrate Life as if that is the only choice you have!”