Why did Reham Khan nearly leave Hafiz Ahmed’s Podcast?

Hafiz Ahmed recently recalled an incident where Reham Khan almost walked out of his podcast. Netizens had a lot to say about it.

Why did Reham Khan nearly leave Hafiz Ahmed's Podcast f

"Do you want to have a podcast with me or should I leave?"

Reham Khan appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, however, it almost ended prematurely.

The journalist’s husband Mirza Bilal accompanied her.

There was lighthearted banter, with the interview proceeding smoothly and Hafiz described his experience as great.

However, he shared an amusing anecdote from the interview:

“I was talking to Reham’s husband and I said to him, ‘You are young and you have married an older woman. You should get married two more times’.

“I asked him where he lived and he said Karachi. Her husband also mentioned that he had business in America.

“So I suggested that there should be one wife in Karachi, another in America, and one in Lahore.

“So Reham Khan said to me, ‘Do you want to have a podcast with me or should I leave?’”

Despite the momentary tension, the atmosphere quickly lightened and the interview continued without further incident.

Hafiz Ahmed shared that it was a very fun conversation with Reham.

He even told her husband that she is a very good woman and that he does not have to marry anyone else.

He revealed that for Reham Khan, the podcast was an opportunity to share her insights and experiences.

It also showcased her ability to handle unexpected situations with grace and humour.

Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast continues to attract attention for its engaging content and diverse lineup of guests.

His skilful moderation and interesting conversations with guests have cemented his reputation as a sought-after host in the world of podcasting.

But many listeners called out Hafiz Ahmed, accusing him of being disrespectful.

One said: “One thing he should know is not to shame a woman for her age. How childish of him.”

Another wrote: “Inviting guests and disrespecting them. Something only Pakistani men can achieve.”

One commented: “Now reverse the roles. He joked about polygamy without considering what Reham must be feeling.”

Another stated:

“She should have left his podcast. I’m sure she didn’t go there to be disrespected like that.”

Hafiz Ahmed is an e-commerce expert and popular podcast host who has rapidly ascended the ladder of fame with his engaging interviews. His podcasts draw thousands of listeners.

His ability to create a comfortable environment for his guests without prying into their personal lives has attracted many celebrities.

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