What’s Next from Netflix India after Sacred Games?

After the popular release of Netflix India Original’s ‘Lust Stories’ and ‘Sacred Games’, what else will be making its way onto the streaming platform?

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"There’s a steady drumbeat of exciting Indian content."

Netflix India successfully launched Love Per Square Foot and Lust Stories in 2018 in a bid to attract more Indian viewers. Now, we want to know what else they have on the horizon.

It’s no secret that Netflix has been ramping up their Indian content. Alongside the Indian films, they added the Indian series Sacred Games in July 2018.

The Netflix Original series aired on 6th July and attracted plenty of attention.

We take a look at all the “steady drumbeat of exciting Indian content” that we can expect to see in the future from Netflix.

In an interview with t2, Vice President Kelly Luegenbiehl and Simran Sethi to chat about their plans for Netflix Originals in India. Simran Sethi said:

They’re in various stages of development and shooting. We’re really excited about working with amazing Indian storytellers in this market.

“Since our launch, our Indian content has ramped up bigger and faster than anywhere else in the world.”

“We have doubled our catalogue since launch and starting with Love Per Square Foot, Lust Stories and now Sacred Games, we have Ghoul to come, and beyond that the shows you’ve heard about — Leila, Selection Day and Bard of Blood.

“There’s a steady drumbeat of exciting Indian content.”

Written and produced by Urmi Juvekar, Leila is based on a book by Prayaag Akbar. Set in the close future, this story apparently centres on faith, longing and loss. It revolves around the character Shalini, who she lost after being arrested 16 years ago.

We can also expect Ghoul, a horror series with influence from Arabic folklore. The series is set in a covert detention centre and follows Nida.

With a supernatural twist, the protagonist arrives at the detention centre where she finds out that the terrorists there are not of this world. Starring Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul, we’ll see Nida fighting for survival in this gripping series.

Selection Day is described by Netflix as the journey of a 14-year-old. Everything begins to change for the boy when he tries out for Mumbai’s under-19 cricket team and meets his older brother’s rival.

Based on the book ‘Bard of Blood’ written by Bilal Siddiqi, Netflix will be creating an eight-episode political espionage series under the same name.

The series will follow ex-spy Kabir Anand who is pulled from his new job as a Shakespeare professor in order to rescue his country and his long-lost love.

An additional series to look forward to is Crocodile. Written by Binky Mendez, Crocodile, is a murder mystery targetting young adults.

Set in Goa, Mia begins an investigation after her best friend disappears. in her investigations, she discovers secrets and romantic relationships.

In terms of upcoming documentaries, Luegenbiehl also divulged some information about Wild Wild Country. She said:

“Well, we have Wild Wild Country which people are loving. That story clearly had its DNA set in India. We always look for new stuff coming – again it’s about compelling filmmakers and their passion and vision for the story they want to tell.

“We’re always open to that and hopeful that something great will come.”

Following the success of shows like Sacred Games and Lust Stories, we look forward to seeing what else Netflix India has to offer.

Ellie is an English literature and Philosophy graduate who enjoys writing, reading and exploring new places. She is a Netflix-enthusiast who also has a passion for social and political issues. Her motto is: “Enjoy life, never take anything for granted.”

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