Wasim Akram criticised for His Response to Armpit Hair Remark

Wasim Akram hit out at an online troll who suggested that he should have shaved his armpit hair. However, netizens sided with the troll.

Wasim Akram criticised for His Response to Armpit Hair Remark f

"idiots in my country are talking about armpit hair."

Wasim Akram has come under fire after replying to a troll who commented on a photo of the former cricketer.

He had shared a selfie with some friends. In the picture, Wasim was wearing a sleeveless top and his armpit hair was partially visible.

The troll took to the comment section and told Wasim he should have removed his hair before posting the picture.

However, Wasim showed his annoyance at the comment and replied:

“The world has reached the moon and idiots in my country are talking about armpit hair.

“This shows where we are as a country and our culture is shocking.”

Wasim Akram criticised for His Response to Armpit Hair Remark

However, Wasim Akram faced a barrage of backlash after followers sided with the troll and agreed with his sentiments saying cleanliness was a part of their religion.

One follower wrote: “Wasim Akram maybe you are not aware that in Islam you shouldn’t keep the armpit hair or any private part hair for more than 40 days.”

Another said: “This is not a joke, it is concerned with our religion.”

A third added: “True Wasim Bhai [brother], the world has reached the moon and our legend can’t even clean his armpit hair.

“What a nonsense reply. You deliberately targeted Pakistan, not a specific person.”

Following the online spat, Wasim Akram deleted the post, leading some people to mock him.

One follower questioned: “Bhai, did you get rid of your armpit hair?”

Wasim Akram is known as a cricketing hero during his sports career.

After retiring from the sport, he became a commentator.

He is married to Shaniera Akram whom he met in Melbourne at a mutual friend’s barbeque in 2011.

Wasim stated Shaniera did not know who he was and how famous he was at the time.

Wasim appeared on a talk show where he shed light on his relationship and said:

“I met her [Shaniera] at a friend’s barbeque in Melbourne. She didn’t know who I was. Eventually, I told her that I was kind of a big deal in Pakistan.”

Shaniera added that she had to think carefully before accepting Wasim’s marriage proposal because marrying someone from a different culture and background was a huge deal.

“You do not marry someone from overseas, from a different culture, background and generation unless it’s something magnificent right?

“Now for me, Pakistan is the centre of the world.

“It is an incredible place. I have grown here as a person, as a woman, as a mother and as a wife. The most important years of my life have been here.”

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