Was Sushant Singh Rajput Strangled to Death?

After accessing new photographs of Sushant’s body, lawyer Vikas Singh reveals the lines on the actor’s neck which were not caused by hanging.

Was Sushant Strangled to Death? f

"This looks like a death by strangulation.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer, Vikas Singh has claimed that the cause of Sushant’s death was allegedly not suicide rather he was strangled.

Vikas Singh made this claim after accessing new photos of the late actor’s body.

These pictures were taken by his sister and have been submitted by the family to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

According to the family, they claim that the photographs taken by the actor’s sister differ from those that were shared online by an unidentified person.

The late actor’s sister, Meetu was one of the first people to arrive at the scene when Sushant was found dead.

Speaking to Times Now, Vikas Singh said:

“I got some pictures earlier also on a WhatsApp group and I shared them with somebody in the forensic department. He said that the pictures being circulated earlier were morphed.”

It has been reported that the new photos which have been retrieved by Times Now and shared by Singh “are original pictures.”

Vikas Singh continued to reveal that the lines on Sushant’s neck do not look like they were caused by hanging. He explained:

“These lines on the neck, I got to know from somebody, these don’t look like a death by hanging at all. This looks like a death by strangulation.”

He further added that more would be revealed once the forensic teams have analysed all the photos. The other photos were taken by the post-mortem team and the Mumbai Police.

Recently, the CBI took control of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. This move was made after the Mumbai Police ruled his death as suicide.

Not only that, but the Enforcement Directorate and the Narcotics Control Bureau have also been investigating the drug conspiracy angle.

This comes after Sushant’s father, KK Singh, accused Rhea Chakraborty of abetment to suicide and money laundering.

This, in turn, exposed Rhea’s WhatsApp chats in which she is talking about the use of drugs.

Vikas Singh continued to state that a total of “70 pictures were taken during the post-mortem.”

He also added that the post-mortem report which was conducted at Cooper Hospital “has several serious loopholes.”

Sushant’s house staff members were also interviewed. One of the house staff claimed that the actor consumed juice on the morning of his death.

However, the post-mortem report did not mention the presence of juice in the late actor’s stomach.

Vikas Singh, who spoke to a doctor, disclosed that if the actor had drunk juice it would have remained in his stomach.

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