Using a Vaginal Dilator to help with Sex

A vaginal dilator can be a great way to overcoming painful sex. Learn more about common sexual problems and how Femmax helps to solve them.

Using a Vaginal Dilator to help with Sex

Women can gain back their confidence with having sex.

Sex is a topic any South Asian woman finds difficult to talk or even think about. But imagine facing painful sex? Luckily, there is help. The Femmax vaginal dilators were developed by the NHS working with MDTi. Femmax aims to help women with sexual difficulties.

Painful sex can result from a range of situations such as giving birth, anxiety about sex and even the menopause. Desi women who experience painful sex may have feelings of hopelessness and frustration. What can they do about this problem?

DESIblitz looks at each of these issues and how a vaginal dilator can solve them.

What is a vaginal dilator?

MDTi have created the Femmax vaginal dilators to help women retrain and stretch muscles in the vagina. They come in a set of four, each one increasing in size. With packs of lubricant, they can be all compactly stored in a convenient case.

Using a Vaginal Dilator to help with Sex

The pack also contains a DVD, with guidance on how to use a vaginal dilator and to take proper care of it. While the NHS uses this product for women, it can be available to buy through Amazon’s website.

So, how can they solve painful sex?

Complications after Birth

Giving birth can cause various complication, such as the vagina being torn. This leads to vaginal surgery. These surgeries can result in scar tissue forming, making sex painful. This sudden change can be difficult for Asian women and one they may even ignore. After all, they will be more concerned with their baby.

Using a Vaginal Dilator to help with Sex

Femmax’s vaginal dilators not only retrain muscles but stretches them too. By using a vaginal dilator, women can gradually stretch scar tissues. One anonymous woman says of her experience:

“I’ve been using the Femmax size 3. After one month, things had improved a lot. My physio said that the scar tissue feels normal and has stretched out.”

It’s important to realise using a vaginal dilator to improve sex takes time. Clinicians recommend women to begin with the smallest size. Once they feel comfortable with it, then they can progress. Scar tissue will gradually stretch out and sex will become pain-free.

Anxiety Over Sex

Painful sex can result from conditions such as ‘vaginismus’. Women experience pain during sex or penetration as muscles involuntarily spasm. Even having anxious feelings and fears can lead to painful sex. Asian women may avoid talking about this issue with their partners or doctors for fear of embarrassment. But vaginismus can lead to women feeling extremely frustrated with their sex life.

Vaginismus is gradually getting recognised as a serious sexual issue worldwide. In India, the Dr Promodus Institute carried out research with 770 infertility cases. 17% of those cases were linked to vaginismus. It has also been hitting headlines; The New Indian Express reported how a high number divorces were linked to vaginismus.

It can cause serious rifts for couples. Particularly as sex is a huge aspect of a relationship. While the woman will feel pain and embarrassment, Asian men may also feel frustration too. This, unfortunately, can lead to a feeling of resentment. Arguments, and in some cases horrible sexual traumas, can arise.

Using a Vaginal Dilator to help with Sex

Femmax can help retrain those involuntary muscle spasms. By gradually progressing through the sizes, a vaginal dilator can help women feel comfortable with sex and penetration. One woman, diagnosed with vaginismus, says:

“At first I was sceptical as I never thought I’d even be able to use the first size. But after a few weeks, I found myself working my way up to the biggest size. I now after 4 years can have pain-free sex.”

Using a vaginal dilator can erase feelings of frustration and hopelessness. Femmax can transform painful sex into pain-free and pleasurable. By using a vaginal dilator, women can gain back their confidence with having sex.


It’s not just young women who may experience painful sex. Older woman may face sexual difficulties, resulting from the menopausal symptoms. The menopause can be a difficult experience for any South Asian woman; combined with painful sex, it can be a harrowing time.

Using a Vaginal Dilator to help with Sex

However, Femmax vaginal dilators can help retrain these muscles. One NHS nurse says: “With the dilators, they can regain some of that suppleness.” One woman using vaginal dilators says:

“I thought I would never be able to be intimate with anyone ever again as it was too painful due to menopause symptoms. At first, I struggled with the first size but after only a few weeks I could use the bigger sizes and it has made a great difference with my partner.”

These vaginal dilators can help bring relationships closer together. South Asian women find it difficult to discuss these problems with their partners. However, by using them together, relationships can strengthen and become closer.

Vaginal dilators can also be used by a woman on her own – Femmax’s main goal is for the woman to use them in the most comfortable way possible.

Having Total Control

Comfort and confidence are key to using Femmax’s vaginal dilators. They recommended listening to music and practice in a relaxing, private environment. It is all about the woman having total control.

Results can vary depending on each woman. It is recommended to seek advice from a doctor first.

Femmax is an ideal product for Desi women to get confidence back in their sex life. It can help them take control and finally start to enjoy sex for emotional and physical well-being.

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