Star Signs and Dieting

Loosing weight can be a tricky process. We look at the connection between star signs and dieting. Check out your star sign to see what your optimum diet plan could be.

Our star-signs not only affect our physical strengths and weaknesses but also influence the foods we like, how we eat and our ability to keep fit.

Astrology relates to the position of the stars at the time of your birth. These it is believed have an impact in your life and your actions. Depending on your birth sign, the continuous relative movement of the planets around the earth and fixed stars influence the various aspects of your everyday life.

Therefore, at times these may be influences that are positive and at other times they might be negative. These influences can have a relevant effect on dieting too.

So your aim is to identify which influences are the ones to work with for your sign, in order to develop a successful dieting regime.

Let’s look at each sign and the influence they can have on dieting.

Aquarius (20th January -18th February)
The mysterious Aquarian loves to explore and devise their own diet. An unpredictable nature can bring out the best of one’s diet. They are determined to stay strong and keep going.

Aquarians are able to select good dieting plans, incorporating sports, especially swimming. Temptation is inevitable, but tough to tackle. Food choices should include mangoes and pomegranate.

Pisces (19th February -20th March)
On a brighter side Pisceans rely on natural dieting plans. Dieting pills are off the menu. Pisceans are fans of healthy eating diets- the lesser the calories the better.

Pisceans are adventurous with their eating habits. They enjoy tasting new foods. Follow your head, not the heart when exercising. Pisceans and Aquarians have the same attitude towards food. A little boost keeps them on a steady diet achievement plan. One slight step in the wrong direction can be chaotic.

Aries (21st March -19th April)
Although “being overweight” is increasing, weightwatcher Ariens have a strong willpower. Ariens use a reverse logic method; they see the end result before the process. They should take on this challenge with a positive approach.

Ariens have a great desire to succeed, but need an oomph! An Arien diet must consist of all peppers, ginger and garlic flavours. A favourite dish would be mirch masala chicken vindaloo.

Taurus (20th April -20th May)
The slower the weight loss process, the longer the results last. The Taurean will lose weight permanently and in a healthier way. Taureans have a down to earth and methodical nature.

Taureans are rigid and diet naturally in their stride, but avoid exercise. They find it hard to adapt to new lifestyles. Eating sweet laddoos and kulfis can be a health hazard. Regular meals is a must with a hint of green chilli. After all, green chilli contains vitamin C.

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)
Geminis have the “happy go lucky” star sign. They lose a lot of weight with little effort. Geminis lose a lot weight while being on the go. Coffee may be an energy boost but rather heavy. Indian herbal tea is relaxing and lighter for the stomach. They have high expectations but are tempted to slack in their dieting.

Geminis are adaptable to changing lifestyles and food diets. A true Gemini should worry less and focus on the goal.

Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)
Cancerians love to be the kitchen chef. Too much comfort eating leads to becoming overweight. Being overweight causes concern about body shapes and sizes. They need a compatible diet that can be persevered till their goal.

Cancerians and patience cannot always be perfect combination with a touch of motivation it can work. Maybe a variety of foods in the diet can help them explore new avenues of a healthy lifestyle.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)
Leo’s have their own way of dieting. They diet while they socialise, even though it may lead them astray. Leos are easily indulged into tasting new foods. They must not get carried away into fad food dieting.

A Leo’s greatest diet inspiration is their success. One slight error, and their plan fails. Their increasing excitement leads them to unnecessary eating. A back up plan is needed for those easily sidetracked.

Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)
Due to working that extra strength, Virgos feel the desire for food. But how much is too much? Being a vegetarian is a healthier option for food balancing. Stamp a “No Eating” sign on chicken tikka masala and fried dosa. Stamp a “Go Ahead” sign for the vigorous exercise.

A mixture of the gym and sport will relieve the stress pressure. More exercising means a better output potential for the high achievers. Virgos must keep their energy levels up to maintain high work standards.

Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)
Librans are as sly as a fox. They may have low energy levels but sharp appearance awareness. Meethi jalebis discourages a laid back Libran from their exercise. Once on the exercise routine, their attention is hard to be diverted. Have a little vanity in yourself, it will do the trick.

Librans should avoid taking the lazy option of the ultra- fast dieting plan. A more energetic and practical workout keeps their looks in check. It’s time to pull those socks up and join the gym.

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)
Scorpions need not do so much to get the most out of their diet. They naturally like to stay healthy. They find it easier to focus on dieting, in an obstacle free zone. One slight distraction and expect catastrophe.

The positivity and determination of a Scorpion keeps them on a weight loss plan. Too much hyperactivity leads to an overdose of exercise with over-ambitious goals. Scorpions are wise enough to stay away from this risk. Everything in moderation is better, especially food and exercise.

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)
Sagittarians say, “the glass is half full.” Be careful not to let optimism overpower any diet plans. Taking on too much is a typical Sagittarian characteristic. Too much focus on everything else results means not enough attention to their diet. Their diet control then flops.

Sagittarians should balance their diet, corresponding to their life. An intake of vitamin C is needed in a dance/exercise regime.

Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)
Capricorns are self-motivated. They are able to create their own working diet. The only drawback being week teeth and bones. So remember to drink all those early morning glasses of milk. Capricorns have a strong will power. They have the ability to resist in order to, lose weight.

Motivation is a Capricorn’s strength. Their stubbornness of taking advice results in a tougher diet recovery. A watch needs to be kept on their tight rules of dieting.

So, now you know how each sign can influence your food and diet, and if you can find the positive traits for your sign, you can use them to help you diet and potentially lose weight.

Smriti is a qualified Journalist with an optimistic take on life, enjoying sports and reading in her spare time. She has a passion for arts, culture, bollywood movies and dancing - where she uses her artistic flair. Her moto is "variety is spice of life."

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