Shahed Ali fraud may taint Rabina Khan’s candidacy

The imprisonment of Tower Hamlets councillor Shahed Ali may be damaging Shadwell councillor Rabina Khan’s electoral campaign for mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Shahed Ali fraud may taint Rabina Khan’s candidacy

“It’s disgraceful that Ali chose not only to commit housing fraud – but then to lie about it."

Shahed Ali, 45, has been sentenced for five months after pleading guilty to housing fraud. The former councillor’s imprisonment comes just before Rabina Khan’s mayoral candidacy launch on the
1st December 2016.

The disgraced AIi did not state his ownership of two properties and failed to notify the change in circumstances between the date of applying and accepting tenancy.

John Biggs, mayor of Tower Hamlets told the East London Advertiser: “It’s disgraceful that Ali chose not only to commit housing fraud – but then to lie about it.”

Both Shahed Ali and Rabina Khan were members of former mayor Lutfur Rahman’s independent party. Rahman was found guilty of electoral fraud the previous year.

Khan’s involvement remains unclear, but her first run for mayor was thwarted possibly due to her connection with Rahman. It now seems the same could happen again.

Khan left the independent circle and has decided to stand solely again as mayor of Tower Hamlets.

In 2015, she came only second to John Biggs. But, she is being criticised for her connection with the two disgraced members.

The current mayor Biggs told the East London Advertiser: “What astounds me is that none of the Independent councillors (former members of Rahman) have spoken out or apologised despite one of
their colleagues being convicted of fraud.”

Khan previously told the International Business Times:

“I am happy to be associated with someone who helped me deliver record numbers of affordable homes, stand up to bedroom tax, and provide a 2.2m preventing homelessness fund.”

“The forgotten story of Lutfur Rahman is that his administration supported some of the most vulnerable people in our borough.”

Shahed Ali is the second member of Rahman’s party to have been arrested for fraud and is likely to remain banned for five years.

The council will hold a by-election in Ali’s previous ward – Whitechapel by the 1st December.

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