Rhea’s Mother wanted to End Her Life after seeing Kids in Jail

Rhea Chakraborty’s mother, Sandhya Chakraborty, has candidly spoken about the hardships she has faced after seeing her children in jail.

Rhea's mother wanted to End Her Life after seeing Kids in Jail f

"I thought the only way to end it was by ending my life."

Rhea Chakraborty’s mother, Sandhya Chakraborty, has opened up about her struggle of seeing her children behind bars in prison.

Rhea, who was arrested on 8 September 2020, was granted conditional bail on 7 October 2020 on a surety of Rs 1 lakh (£1,055.33).

Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda and staff member Dipesh Sawant were also granted bail. The trio was arrested for drug-related charges.

However, Rhea’s brother, Showik Chakraborty and drug dealer Abdul Basit Parihar were denied bail.

Speaking about how difficult it has been seeing her children in jail, she told Times of India:

“While it’s a relief she’s out of prison, it’s crazy it’s still not over. My son is still behind bars and I’m paranoid about what tomorrow will bring.”

Sandhya revealed that she contemplated taking her own life. She said:

“I can’t sleep on the bed anymore when my children are suffering in jail. I can’t eat. I wake up in the middle of the night, gripped by a fear of the next thing that could go wrong.

“My family’s not just been pushed to a corner, it’s been destroyed. At one point I thought the only way to end it was by ending my life.

“I’m not this kind of a person, you know. I’ve sought therapy for myself. Now when these feelings appear, I keep reminding myself I need to be there for my children. They’re going through far worse.”

Sandhya continued to mention that Rhea will require therapy after the struggles she has endured. She explained:

“What she has gone through… how will she heal from this? But she is a fighter and she must be strong.”

“I’ll have to put her on therapy to help her get over this trauma and reclaim her life.

“Yet, even after she came home today, she looked at us and said: ‘Why do you look sad? We have to be strong and fight this’.”

Addressing the rumours about Rhea and Sushant meeting on June 13 2020, Sandhya stated that this could be resolved if Sushant’s mobile phone towers were investigated.

She further added that the family has had to install CCTV cameras outside their house for protection.

Rhea’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde commented on the actress’s bail. He said:

“The arrest and custody of Rhea were totally unwarranted and beyond the reach of the law. The hounding and witch hunt by three central agencies – the CBI, ED and NCB – of Rhea should come to an end. We remain committed to Truth. Satyameva Jayate.”

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