Raj Somaiya talks BBC’s Ultimate Wedding Planner

As a judge on BBC Two’s Ultimate Wedding Planner, renowned event planner Raj Somaiya spoke about his experience on the show.

Raj Somaiya talks BBC's Ultimate Wedding Planner f

"Every week you could see them developing new skills."

BBC Two’s Ultimate Wedding Planner welcomed renowned event planner Raj Somaiya to its panel of judges alongside Fred Sirieux and Sara Davies.

The show began on August 8, 2023, and sees six couples agree to let eight aspiring wedding planners take control of the biggest day of their lives.

With the couples’ ambitious wedding wish lists ranging from a 1950s vintage Hollywood glamour wedding to a Caribbean-infused autumnal fantasyland, the eight wedding planners have to impress the judges and the couples.

With an impressive track record in event planning and a reputation as CEO of Silverfox Events, Raj Somaiya brings his unparalleled expertise and discerning eye to the show.

As the go-to ‘Planner to the Stars’, Raj’s remarkable journey has solidified his standing as a visionary in the event planning industry.

Speaking about being a judge on the show, Raj said:

“I’m thrilled to be part of Ultimate Wedding Planner and contribute to the discovery of new talents in the world of wedding planning.

“It’s an honour to work alongside such talented individuals and help shape the next generation of event planners.”

His highlight was seeing the planners develop their skills throughout the series and on any mindblowing moments, Raj said:

“I don’t think we realised the wedding planners’ capabilities to begin with.

“Some of the planners came into the process with particular strengths like floristry or choreography, but as they went through this they developed other skills.

“Every week you could see them developing new skills. I think it’s the whole progression of them going from newcomers to genuine planners.”

But he admitted that there were some setbacks.

Raj elaborated: “There were multiple mishaps but that’s to be expected and part of the experience.

“You’ll see that I was often anxious because at the end of the day I wanted to look after the couple, I wanted to make sure their wedding went well.

“Given the nature of the series, the planners were often overzealous and were overpromising but under-delivering.

“In the moments when they were under-delivering, I stepped in and put it right or I had to warn them that what they were trying to achieve wasn’t going to happen. It was often quite stressful.”

On what he enjoyed most about being a judge, Raj Somaiya said:

“I really enjoyed being a judge. It was great to watch the planners grow. That was really enlightening for me personally.”

“I could mentor them and watch them build new skills over the six weeks.”

He also gave advice to aspiring wedding planners.

“I think the most important thing about wanting to become a wedding planner or a supplier in the wedding industry is that you are passionate about what you do.

“When things go wrong or when things are not going according to plan, you really need to have that passion and drive to get through it.

“If you are weak at the knees and if you are going to crumble at the first hurdle, then really don’t take this job on.

“When you are so passionate about something, you’ll be able to fight through it.

“Get some experience, whether that’s volunteering with a florist, working with an operations manager or at a banquet at a hotel, get some work experience first.”

Raj also revealed his dream wedding planning destination.

“My dream destinations are areas like Tulum, Mexico or Bali, Indonesia that have history and depth to the country.

“It is beautiful to see different parts of the world celebrated with a wedding.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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