BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya breaks silence on ‘Sex Chat’ Leak

BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has spoken out following the leak of a video purportedly of him engaged in a “sex chat” with a woman.

BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya breaks silence on 'Sex Chat' Leak f

"The ruling coalition's character and true face has been exposed"

BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has broken his silence after a video purportedly of him went viral.

The video appears to show a nude Somaiya in a “compromising position” whilst on a video call with a woman.

It is alleged that Somaiya was trying to extort the woman.

A Marathi news channel claimed possession of the video and said that several clips, similar to the one involving Somaiya, have also come to light.

As the video circulated online, politicians reacted.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Vidya Chavan criticised Somaiya and said:

“I personally felt disappointed by the video footage involving Kirit Somaiya. His aggressive behaviour and offensive gestures are concerning.

“As a prominent figure known for exposing corruption, if such misconduct is true, I believe appropriate action should be taken.”

Maharashtra Congress leader Varsha Gaikwad tweeted:

“Disgusted by the video of Kirit Somaiya, exposed by a Marathi news channel.

“The self-styled torchbearer of probity in governance has now been exposed. Those whose morals are questionable have been pretending to be arbiters of public morality.”

Congress MLA Yashomati Thakur accused Somaiya of blackmailing women in the alleged video calls and said:

“The ruling coalition’s character and true face has been exposed today. Kirit Somaiya has blackmailed many MLAs and MPs.

“Now, we can see that he has even blackmailed a number of women. I have heard that an eight-hour clip has come out.

“I can’t even imagine how many women must have been harassed and tortured due to the clip.

“BJP leaders, who often lecture about morality, should have the courage to hold Kirit Somaiya accountable and take lawful action against him.

“He has been accused of leading a deceptive public life and now needs to come forward and address these allegations.

“Such revelations can tarnish the public image of those who hypocritically advocate campaigns like ‘Save Daughters, Educate Daughters’.”

Kirit Somaiya has now spoken out, insisting that has “never abused any woman”.

He has written to Maharashtra Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis, seeking an inquiry into the videos and to verify the authenticity of the videos.

Somaiya tweeted: “A video clip of me was shown on a news channel.

“Claimed that I have harassed many women & many such video clips available and complaints received against me. I have never abused any woman.

“Request @Dev_Fadnavis to investigate such allegations and verify the authenticity of videos.”

Shiv Sena leader Anil Parab alleged:

“Earlier there were pen drive bombs that went off in the Lower House. Now it will happen in the Upper House.

“The truth of the video should come out. We should find out who the woman is and an SIT should probe the matter. You say you are a party with a difference.

“We should find out if the woman was being blackmailed.

“We have heard of extortion of money. This seems to be extortion for sex.”

“Somaiya said I have not harassed any woman but did not say the video was fake.

“I request the Home Minister to conduct a probe. His security should be removed since it is because of these things he is emboldened.”

Fadnavis has now ordered an investigation into the matter.

He said: “It is indeed a serious issue. We will conduct a detailed enquiry.

“The woman in the video will be identified. Police will be told. Nobody will be protected. A senior-level probe will be conducted.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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