Why has Punjab Police arrested BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga?

BJP leader Tajinder Bagga was arrested at his home in Delhi. Punjab Police have now shared details of his arrest.

Why has Punjab Police arrested BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga f

Bagga allegedly threatened Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Punjab Police have shared details about the arrest of BJP leader Tajinder Bagga.

Bagga was arrested at his home in Delhi. Punjab Police stated that he was previously served notices, asking him to join the investigation.

In a statement, officers said Bagga was arrested on a “complaint for causing instigation/incitement/criminal intimidation to cause violence, use of force, imminent hurt in a predesigned and orchestrated manner by making/publishing provocative, false and communal inflammatory statements through his interview given to the media and through his posts on Twitter”.

The statement added: “In pursuance of the orders of Honourable High Court to strictly adhere to the directions of the Honourable Supreme Court in Arnesh Kumar vs the State of Bihar and another, 2014(8) SCC 273, the accused was served 5 Notices u/s 41 A CrPC to come and join the investigation.

“The Notices dated 09/04/2022, 11/04/2022 and 15/04/2022, 22/04/2022 and 28/04/2022 were duly served upon.

“In spite of that, the accused deliberately did not join the investigation.”

Officers said Tajinder Bagga will be produced in court and further investigation is on.

Bagga was booked in April 2022 after AAP leader Sunny Singh filed a complaint against him.

He was accused of making provocative statements, spreading rumours, and trying to create religious and communal enmity.

During a protest in March, Bagga allegedly threatened Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Despite the charges being listed, some are angered by Tajinder Bagga’s arrest.

His father, Pritpal Singh Bagga, said police officers barged into his home and dragged his son away without reason.

He went on to allege that when he protested, an officer punched him in the face.

Pritpal said: “Ten to 15 men from the Punjab Police barged into my home. They punched me in the face when I tried to film a video.

“They sat me down by force and took my phone.”

“Tajinder asked for a cloth to cover his head. At 8:30 am, they caught hold of Tajinder and dragged him outside.

“We were not informed why he was being taken into custody, no reason whatsoever was given.”

The BJP also condemned the arrest.

A spokesperson said: “It is extremely shameful that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has started abusing his party’s political power in Punjab to intimidate political opponents.

“Every citizen of Delhi stands with the family of Tajindar Pal Singh Bagga in this hour of crisis.”

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