Maleeka Bokhari breaks silence over ‘Explicit Video’ Leak

After an explicit video purportedly of Maleeka Bokhari circulated online, the Pakistani politician broke her silence on the matter.

Maleeka Bokhari breaks silence over 'Explicit Video' Leak f

"ironic that I am now unsafe and facing this."

Pakistani politician Maleeka Bokhari has responded to the apparent explicit video of her that is circulating online.

The video featured a woman in a revealing outfit posing provocatively for the camera.

Some social media users believed the woman in the video was Maleeka, the former Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice.

As a result, the video was reshared on Twitter and Reddit.

Some asked for the video to be sent while others took the opportunity to mock the politician.

The video and subsequent trolling prompted Maleeka to hit back.

She said it was a campaign to ruin her reputation, tweeting:

“Not one individual who shared and promoted this malicious filthy campaign will be spared.

“As a lawyer, I know how to fight for myself and I will not rest until each of them is behind bars.

“I made laws to protect women, ironic that I am now unsafe and facing this.”

The explicit video was determined not to be of Maleeka Bokhari.

There were claims that it was a deepfake video. However, some have said that the video was actually of an Indian model being passed off as Maleeka due to her resemblance to the politician.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed the ruling PML-N was spreading fake propaganda.

The party tweeted: “Social media accounts linked to PML-N are spreading fake propaganda, and attributing a picture and video of an Indian model to @MalBokhari.

“Actually it’s an Indian model which is shamelessly being portrayed as Maleeka Bokhari in a character-assassination campaign by PDM and its Lifafas.”

PTI supporters and activists showed their support for Maleeka while also praising her for her show of strength.

Former Minister Kamran Bangash said:

“I have just been informed about a malicious deepfake video campaign being waged against Maleeka Bokhari, a sisterly figure who has always remained strong and loyal to Khan during challenging times.

“Maleeka, stay strong and know that you can always count on us. We stand with you!”

Another said: “I strongly condemn the campaign against @MalBokhari.

“She is a woman of substance and a role model for young people.

“Look at her work experience and education mashallah, she will achieve more. Stay strong.”

One netizen wrote: “The politics of PML-N has fallen to such a level that they are resorting to the videotape of mother-in-law and fake videos of a worthy and highly educated woman like Maleeka Bokhari to bring down Imran Khan, but this is their old tactic.”

Some claimed that Maryam Nawaz was responsible for the fake video.

Maryam has been associated with previous scandals within Pakistani politics. In September 2021, there were claims she was responsible for leaking a private video of former Sindh governor Muhammad Zubair Umar.

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