Pakistani Model Iqra Saeed Murdered in Lahore

Pakistani model Iqra Saeed has died in Lahore. However, it is believed she was murdered and an investigation into her death is underway.

Pakistani Model Iqra Saeed Murdered in Lahore f

"the model had been forcefully intoxicated by the three men"

Pakistani model Iqra Saeed was allegedly murdered after being intoxicated with drugs in Lahore and a case has been registered against three men.

The 22-year-old was originally from Karachi but moved to Lahore in order to further her modelling career. She was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious, however, she died on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

The medical team tried to save her but ultimately, they were unable to. Her body was taken to the morgue for further examinations.

Lahore Police have registered an FIR and have confirmed that the body was that of the aspiring model.

She was taken to Government Teaching Hospital Shahdara, Lahore, by three young men, from Gulshan-I-Ravi,  who quickly disappeared from the scene after dropping her off. It is believed that they were involved in Iqra’s death.

A preliminary investigation has revealed that a call was made to the police from the hospital informing them that Iqra was at the hospital.

A senior police officer said: “Two days ago when our police team was on patrol, we received a call from the hospital about a girl aged 20 to 22 years.”

Police officers have identified the three men and suspect that Iqra had overdosed with the drug ice which is what eventually caused her death.

The police officer added: “According to our investigation, the model had been forcefully intoxicated by the three men that dropped her off at the hospital – Usman Rafique, Umer Butt and Hassan Butt.”

According to the police, the identity of the body was confirmed through Iqra’s mobile phone.

“We spoke to her father who revealed that she was from Karachi but had moved to Lahore to work as a model against her parents’ will.”

“Further investigation has disclosed that Iqra was struggling to find modelling jobs which led to her getting into the company of the notorious beings that have caused her death.

“We have registered an FIR against the three men who dropped Iqra off at the hospital.

“We can only provide you with further details after their arrest. However, we can state that it seems like a murder case.”

This is not the first time in which a model in Pakistan has allegedly been murdered. A number of similar cases across Lahore have come to light.

In November 2016, popular stage actress Kismat Baig was murdered after being shot eight times by a group of unidentified armed men one night.

Another stage actress, Munza Multani, also had an attempt on her life made outside a theatre where she been performing but she survived the attack.

This has brought about speculation that criminal groups within Pakistan are exploiting young women from the showbiz industry.

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