Pakistani Model found Dead in Lahore is a Mystery

A 29-year-old Pakistani model was found dead at her home in Lahore. Police say she was found under mysterious circumstances.

Pakistani Model found Dead in Lahore is a Mystery f

he found the Pakistani model's body.

On July 11, 2021, a Pakistani model was found dead at her home in Lahore under mysterious circumstances.

According to the police report, the victim was strangled to death by unidentified suspects.

Twenty-nine-year-old Nayab Nadeem was living alone at a house in the city’s Defence B area when her stepbrother Mohammed Ali Nasir discovered her naked body.

He alerted the police. Officers arrived at the scene and sent the body for a postmortem.

Initial forensic reports stated that Nayab was tortured and later strangled to death by the perpetrators.

Although her body was found naked, the forensic report has initially ruled out the possibility of rape.

Police registered a case and are looking into the matter.

It was reported that on July 10, 2021, Nayab and Mohammed went to Gulberg for ice cream. Afterwards, he dropped her off at her home and left.

Mohammed became concerned when he tried to call Nayab and she did not answer.

Upon reaching her house and entering, he found the Pakistani model’s body lying on the floor.

Mohammed said that the window lattice in the bathroom was broken. He suspected that his stepsister was murdered and demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

Based on Mohammed’s complaint, police registered a case of murder.

The complainant said that he visited his stepsister’s home at around midnight and found her body on the floor unclothed.

In a statement, he said:

“There were scars on my sister’s neck.”

Mohammed also said that he had regularly visited his stepsister to check in on her as well as provide her with groceries.

Nayab lived alone and was not married.

Police say the perpetrator escaped from the rear of the house and had taken Nayab’s phone.

However, there were no signs of robbery.

SSP Mansoor Aman said that they had found traces of human hands near the body. He added:

“We have also found traces of human hands at the window and have sent the samples for forensic examination.

He also said that her wardrobe was found in disarray.

Officials said that prior to getting ice cream with her stepbrother, Nayab was at a party with friends.

It was reported that she got into an argument with friends before leaving.

Officials said: “She got engaged in a heated argument and later left the place.”

Police added that as many as 10 people have been included in the investigation process, adding:

“After [scrutinising] the phone details, her close friends have been included in the investigation.”

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