Pakistani Model Rubab Shafiq found Dead after Failed Abortion

Pakistani model Rubab Shafiq was found dead in a burial site near Karachi. According to police, she died as a result of a failed abortion procedure.

Pakistani Model Rubab Shafiq found Dead after Failed Abortion f

"The clinic staff panicked at her death"

Pakistani model Rubab Shafiq was found dead in a burial site on the outskirts of Karachi in February 2019. Police now claim to have solved the mystery surrounding her death.

They said she died as a result of a botched abortion procedure. Two hospital workers have been arrested while four other suspects are believed to have been involved but not confirmed.

Rubab was found dead near the Edhi graveyard in the Mochko area in Karachi on February 20, 2019.

Her body was taken to Civil Hospital for legal formalities and later transferred to a morgue to be identified by her relatives.

Rubab’s brother Javed Shafiq confirmed that it was his sister. He later recorded a statement to police.

He said that his sister had been missing since the day she left home to go shopping ahead of her cousin’s wedding ceremony.

Javed told the police that they did not have any issues with anyone but he spoke about some people who were associated with his sister.

He added that Ms Shafiq’s mobile phone and ring were still missing.

According to police, Rubab, who is a model by profession, died at a local abortion clinic while undergoing the procedure.

Reportedly, she was given the wrong medical treatment which subsequently caused her death.

Her body was later dumped inside the burial site by a nurse and her assistant.

A police official said: “The clinic staff panicked at her death and threw her body in a nearby cemetery in the dark of night.”

During a post-mortem, they were no signs that the victim was tortured. However, one of her hands had seven injection marks while the other had nine.

There were also a number of injection marks found on her body.

On Saturday, March 9, 2019, police officers arrested the nurse and her assistant who operated on Ms Shafiq. According to police, they confirmed the series of events.

Javed filed an FIR where he stated that four people may have been involved in his sister’s death.

One of which was identified as Omar but his accomplices remain unidentified. The police have not yet traced the suspects.

It is believed that Omar is hiding in Islamabad and a police team has been sent to the city in order to arrest him.

Further investigations are underway to determine who the other suspects are and how did the hospital workers perform the wrong medical treatment on Rubab Shafiq.

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