Pakistani Man training to be World’s Tallest Cricketer at 7ft 6ins

A 21-year-old Pakistani man who stands 7-foot 6 is hoping to make history as he is aiming to become the world’s tallest cricketer.

Pakistani Man training to be World's Tallest Cricketer at 7ft 6ins f

"They were not able to understand why I was growing taller"

A Pakistani man is training to become the world’s tallest cricketer, standing at 7-foot 6.

Twenty-one-year-old Mudassir Gujjar has been recruited by his local team, Lahore Qalandars, and hopes to play for Pakistan’s national team one day.

Mudassir is the youngest for four siblings. His parents were happy with their son’s height as a child. However, they became worried when he reached 6ft by the age of 10.

By the time he was in high school, Mudassir was over 7ft tall.

He said: “I was the tallest child in the school and in the neighbourhood. I was already six-foot-tall when I was 10 and by the time I was in high school, I was above seven-feet-tall.

“My parents were worried as I kept growing.

“They were not able to understand why I was growing taller than my siblings and if it will later cause any troubles for me.”

In 2017, he visited several doctors in Lahore and Karachi. Doctors told Mudassir that his height was because of a hormonal condition.

“The doctors said I have a hormonal condition but they couldn’t tell if I will grow more than 7 feet tall!

“The last time I checked my height was a year and half ago and I was 7’6 since then. I have not grown [taller] since.”

Pakistani Man training to be World's Tallest Cricketer at 7ft 6ins

Because of his height, Mudassir was bullied by his classmates and had trouble going to school.

He recalled: “My childhood was normal but I was bullied by children in school. I was often name called.

“I also had troubles going to school as I couldn’t sit comfortably in the peddle rickshaw and bus. I was very tall and my legs hurt. It was difficult.”

Mudassir has to buy specially customised shoes and clothes.

“I do not get the right size of shoes! I have to get them customised and for the clothes, I have to buy fabric and then get them stitched.”

His height also prevents him from driving but he manages to ride a motorbike.

“I face troubles sitting in a car because there is not enough room to keep my legs. Driving is out of the question.”

Despite the obstacles, Mudassir’s height has made him a national celebrity and he is happy about it.

“People now meet me with a smile, they are in awe of me. It makes me feel good. I feel special.

“I may have trouble doing things like a normal person but my height is God’s gift and I am thankful to him. I am popular and I enjoy the attention.

After finishing school, Mudassir decided to take up cricket.

“My height is a blessing as I can run faster and be the fastest bowler.”

“I started training seven months ago to become a bowler but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a pause. I hope one day I will be the tallest bowler in the world.”

The Pakistani man is now training for the Pakistan Super League and currently plays for Lahore Qalandars.

The Daily Mail reported that Mudassir hopes to get to national level and become the world’s tallest cricketer.

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