Mubasher Lucman accuses Pakistani Cricket Team of Match-Fixing

Senior anchorperson and journalist Mubasher Lucman has made match-fixing allegations against the Pakistani cricket team.

Mubasher Lucman accuses Pakistani Cricket Team of Match Fixing f

"We need to know where his brother got the money for the car."

Mubasher Lucman has made serious allegations of match-fixing by the Pakistan cricket team.

He talked about the team and various high-profile cricketers following their exit from the T20 World Cup.

In a YouTube video, Mubasher claimed that Pakistani captain Babar Azam purchased an Audi E-Tron worth Rs. 8 Crore (£226,000).

He asserted that it was suspiciously claimed to be a gift from his brother.

He questioned Babar Azam’s brother’s financial capacity to afford such an expensive gift.

Mubasher claimed: “I looked into it and did some research on what his brother does for a living.

“I found out that he does not do anything. Then where did he get that car from?

“We need to know where his brother got the money for the car.

“Just tell us what exactly do you do that you had enough cash for the car.

“If politicians can be questioned about their money trail, then why not cricketers?”

He claimed that these cars, as well as land plots in DHA, Australia and Dubai, were a result of the players intentionally losing matches.

Mubasher further alleged that Wahab Riaz, Shahid Afridi and Shaheen Afridi were involved in match-fixing at some point in their careers.

He also implicated Inzamam-ul-Haq, Saqlain Mushtaq and Mushtaq Ahmed in similar activities.

According to Mubasher, his sources told him that the national team deliberately lost against the USA and India.

This allegedly resulted in players amassing substantial wealth, subsequently used to purchase properties in Australia and Dubai.

Mubasher extended his allegations to the ODI Cricket World Cup.

He claimed that his sources informed him about eight players deliberately underperforming.

He accused Saya Corporation of exploiting the players to blackmail the Pakistan Cricket Board during the World Cup.

These players reportedly signed contracts worth Rs. 60 lakhs (£17,000) per month and secured endorsements and sponsorships by pressuring the PCB.

In his video, Mubasher mentioned that Iftikhar Ahmed questioned Babar Azam:

“What about our contracts?”

According to Mubasher’s sources, Babar asked why Iftikhar had not signed the contract before the ODI World Cup.

Iftikhar reminded him that Babar was the one who stopped them from signing it.

Then Babar allegedly said: “We will see next time.”

This incident allegedly triggered grouping and disharmony within the team, affecting the team since November 2023.

Babar Azam is reportedly set to sue Mubasher Lucman for defamation.

Meanwhile, the PCB said: “We are fully aware of these negative comments. Criticism within the bounds of the game is acceptable, and there is no objection to it.

“However, baseless allegations like match-fixing cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.”

“PCB has no doubts, so why should we conduct an inquiry? Those who made the allegations should provide proof.

“We have instructed our legal department to issue notices to such individuals and demand evidence. If not provided, we will seek compensation for defamation.

“A new law in Punjab ensures that a decision will come within six months.”


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