Model Amna Babar opens up about Split from Ex-Husband

During an Instagram Q&A session with her fans, Amna Babar shared details of her divorce from her ex-husband Zahid Noon.

Model Amna Babar opens up about Split from Ex-Husband - f

"For some people, it’s a happy ending."

Amna Babar recently opened up her Instagram Story to fan questions through the ‘Ask me Anything’ feature.

The Pakistani model shed light on her recent divorce, her favourite drama serials, as well as what’s on her music playlist.

After a fan asked the model why she no longer posts pictures with her husband, Amna responded through a video, saying:

“Because he isn’t my husband anymore.

“We just got divorced and are taking care of our child jointly.

“Things didn’t work out between us but he’s a great father, so we’re happy.”

The model married Zahid Noon in February 2019, sharing that the two are “better off” following the split.

When a fan wrote in asking how she’s coping with the divorce after so many years of being in a relationship, she explained:

“We are much better off now. Our main focus is to raise our child, which we are doing jointly.”

She went on to share that she’s “feeling better than ever”.

After a fan shared how “incredible” it was that Amna shared her divorce story “so proudly”, the model responded saying she is “here for the change”.

She added: “Getting divorced doesn’t mean it’s a sad ending.

“For some people, it’s a happy ending. That’s why I proudly announced my divorce today.”

The model also shared her favourite drama serials, naming Doraha, Mann Maayal, Humsafar and Parizaad.

When asked about what song is currently on her playlist, Amna shared a Spotify link to the Coke Studio song ‘Peechay Hutt’.

On whether she’s open to living abroad, the model shared via video:

“I cannot leave Pakistan. Whenever I go on vacation, after around seven days, I start missing homemade food and my mom’s chai.”

Amna Babar tied the knot with her long-time beau Zahid Noon in an intimate wedding.

In a conversation with Dawn post-wedding, Amna said:

“My husband and I were seeing each other and we met through mutual friends.

“But the decision to get married was a sudden one. Within five days, we were married.”

The model added: “I wore a simple white outfit and minimal makeup.

“As a model, I have been trussed up as a bride so many times that it has lost its appeal to me. Also, I didn’t want a grand mehndi.

“My mother had had a simple wedding and I wanted the same for myself, just a nikah and a rukhsati.

“Luckily, my husband and his family felt the same way.”

“Our wedding was very private. My husband got me a ring and an outfit by Elan.

“I wore jewellery that had been in his family for over a hundred years.”

Amna is among the top models of Pakistan. She won the Best Emerging Talent – Fashion award in 2014.

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