Designer Amna Iqbal reinvents Pakistani Fashion

Amna Iqbal is a talented Pakistani fashion designer specialising in unique ready-to-wear outfits. She speaks exclusively to DESIblitz about her fashion inspirations.

"It's not about Eastern and Western any more it’s all about fusion."

The Pakistani fashion industry has seen a definite boom over the years, with so many talented designers now standing shoulder to shoulder to global greats.

Some of the new emerging designers from Pakistan continue to break the fashion mould and Amna Iqbal is no different.

Amna’s fashion eye and style lies in the simplicity of her pret-a-porter collection. She uses delicate and intricate designs and soft embroideries stitched onto delicate garments, making her outfits both elegant and sophisticated.

Amna IqbalGraduating in 2008 from the Asian Institute of Fashion Design in Karachi, Pakistan, Amna creates perfectly eloquent pieces for the modern Asian woman.

Her collections are full of variety, ranging from motifs, embroidery and print. Her unique style compromises of contemporary cuts and the use of many fabrics such as muslin and chikan.

Her ready-to-wear collection is full of light and simplicity, and is extremely wearable, fusing together Eastern materials with a Western twist.

Amna spoke exclusively to DESIblitz about her design inspirations and fashion style.

What makes you stand out as a leading fashion designer of Pakistan?

“My designs cater to a versatile market. The outfits we create are practical, wearable and trendy. Each collection is produced after a long thought process about a particular theme which the designs are inspired by.

“In my opinion, good knowledge about the customers demands and customised services to each one is what makes us stand out. To us, a buyer is not just a buyer, we put all our efforts to make that one outfit worth their purchase.”

Many of your fashion designs combine Western and Eastern trends. How do you feel this reflects Pakistan’s fashion style today, compared to ten years ago?

“The Pakistani fashion industry is at its boom since the last decade. The client today demands designs that are in line with global fashion trends. Due to differences in culture a design cannot be completely western in our collections.”

“To maintain a balance we create a fusion of both, it’s not about Eastern and Western any more it’s all about fusion.”

Amna Iqbal

A lot of your outfits incorporate bright colours and motifs, can you tell us why you have chosen this trademark style?

“Motifs and embroideries make my designs distinct from what is already a available in the market. I use bright colours as they represent youth, happiness and fun. The colours we wear affect how we feel throughout the day.

“Although, I believe in working with all kinds of colours, bright colours with their positivity are a personal favourite.”

What is your favourite outfit from your collection?

“It’s really hard to pick one outfit from a range of outfits worked hard upon. However, my favourite outfit would be the Elephant kurta, which was one of my best selling designs.”

Your designs cater to the Pakistani woman. Can you describe the modern Pakistani woman today?

“The Pakistani woman today is confident, liberal and stylish. This woman will work from nine to five, work as a full time housewife, a mother, a professional and still manage to look trendy on a Saturday evening.”

Amna Iqbal

How easy or hard is it to be a fashion designer in Pakistan?

“It is a bit of both. Becoming a fashion designer in Pakistan is very easy due to such accessible markets and a pool of skilled and unskilled labour. Everyone is their own designer nowadays but there are only a few who are qualified and get through to capture their markets.

“To become a successful designer in Pakistan one must have up-to-date knowledge about the market and economic conditions and of course a good aesthetic sense, which makes it hard for some to survive.”

Who inspires you in the fashion world?

“I absolutely love Roberto Cavalli’s designs! And for Eastern, hands down on Bunto Kazmi’s work!”

Amna describes herself as ‘focused, passionate, and ambitious’. Her latest collection is called ‘Nature’ and like her previous designs maintains an air of simplicity and wear-ability:

“You can expect lots of floral prints and embroideries! There will be a variety of cuts, intricate embroideries, and a wide colour palette to get your hands on,” she says.

Amna is a promising designer of Pakistan. Her unique style and use of colour, motifs and embroidery truly separates her from the crowd.

Her stunning collections ooze beauty and elegance, and cater exclusively to the modern Asian woman, wherever she is.

Yasmeen is an aspiring fashion designer. Aside from writing and fashion she enjoys travel, culture, reading and drawing. Her motto is: "Everything has beauty."

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