Ira Khan says ‘part of me is broken, so it’s crying’ in Video

In an Instagram video, Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan talked about her mental health saying that “part of me is broken, so it’s crying”.

Ira Khan says 'part of me is broken, so it's crying' in Video f

"But the burnouts are getting longer"

Ira Khan, the daughter of established Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, is frequently vocal about her mental health.

Now, she has taken to social media to open up about her depression and her burnouts.

Twenty-four-year-old Ira Khan recently released a video on her Instagram account.

In the video, Khan talked about how her mental health causes her to work too much. She said that her depression compels her to work, and she often takes on so much work that she crashes.

According to Khan, the burnouts cause her to feel better after a few days. However, she later undergoes a phase where she struggles to function all over again.

Ira Khan’s video came on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

The caption read: “Me: So now what?

“Therapist: I don’t know.

“There are lots of parts of me. This is conflict between two of them that very seriously affects my attempts at healing from my overall depression.

“But the burnouts are getting longer so now I have to try harder. The plan is to reduce the frequency and intensity of my burnouts.

“I don’t need to change my entire being and functioning.

“Working a lot isn’t a bad thing, trying to do a lot isn’t a bad thing – not always. There’s a point after which it gets unhealthy.

“That’s what I need to find. That balance. Because working also brings me joy.”

In her Instagram video, Ira Khan also talked about how her depression relates to getting as much work done as possible, rather than being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

As well as this, she expressed concerns about the intense burnouts she experiences from working so much.

According to Khan, there is a part of her that tells her to work so hard, and says she can always do one more thing which pushes her to her limit.

Ira explained that after she crashes, the part of her that was telling her to take on a lot of work goes and only the vulnerable part remains.

She said that part is the part that wants to get better but Ira said that “part of me is broken, so it’s crying”.

Ira Khan also mentioned that her therapist agreed with her belief that depression is not necessarily a bad thing, and she does not need to overreact about it.

However, her therapist did advise Khan that the tone of the voice inside her that tells her to take on so much work needs to change.

On the work front, Ira Khan is an aspiring filmmaker.

She recently directed Euripides’ classic tragedy Medea, which saw actress Hazel Keech take on the lead role.

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Images courtesy of Ira Khan Instagram

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