Indian Politicians beat Intruders in Parliament

Viral footage showed politicians beating two men who intruded Indian Parliament and disrupted proceedings.

Indian Politicians beat Intruders in Parliament f

Some politicians are seen hitting the intruder

Two unidentified men intruded Indian Parliament and threw smoke bombs in a security breach, leading to politicians taking matters into their own hands.

Lawmakers were sitting during the zero hour when two men jumped from the visitors’ gallery into the well and opened smoke canisters, filling the space with yellow smoke.

It was initially thought that someone had fallen from the gallery.

Live footage of the proceedings showed stunned lawmakers attempting to catch the intruders as they climbed from desk to desk.

In a video circulating on social media, politicians from different parties were seen coming together to grab the men.

Footage showed a group of politicians surrounding one of the men.

Some politicians are seen hitting the intruder while others grab the man by his hair.

As shouting continues, the intruder desperately lets off a smoke canister.

Both Houses were adjourned briefly after the intruders were taken away.

Police said two suspects have been taken into custody.

A further two people, identified as Anmol and Neelam, were detailed from outside the parliament building for staging a protest and opening a smoke canister.

An investigation has been launched and instructions have been passed onto the Delhi Police.

Officers are trying to determine whether the two incidents are linked.

Om Birla, Speaker of Lok Sabha, said:

“Both of them have been nabbed and the materials with them have also been seized.

“The two people outside the parliament have also been arrested by police.

“In the primary investigation, it has been found that it was just smoke and there is no need to worry about the smoke.”

Congress MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla, who suppressed the intruders, said the politicians heard the commotion during the final moments of zero hour.

He said: “He had something in his hand which was emitting yellow-coloured smoke.

“I snatched it away and continued throwing it outside… This is a major security breach.”

Indian Politicians beat Intruders in Parliament

BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal, who was officiating the session, said:

“There is a loophole for sure. When the first person came down, we thought he might have fallen but when the second person started coming down, all of us became cautious.

“The person tried to open his shoes and took something out after which smoke came out.

“Action will be taken against this. The Speaker and responsible people will make the decision on this.”

Lawmaker Karti Chidambaram added:

“Then we realised that it was a deliberate act of him jumping into the well.

“There was another person, both of them pulled out canisters which were emitting yellow smoke.

“On this day, India‘s parliament has been attacked again.”

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